Reims-PSG: “I hope we can make Messi talk” smiles David Astorga, interviewer for Amazon

At 22:50, just after the final whistle of Reims-PSG, he should be the one who collects the impressions of Lionel Messi after his first match with PSG. A man in the field for Amazon, David Astorga tells us how he sees this funny evening.

What is your state of mind when approaching this match?

DAVID ASTORGA. It’s a big event, but I’m in a pretty relaxed state of mind. We’re gonna do the job. After, interview Messi or not, it will depend on the intentions of PSG to make him speak for the first time from the field. We hope, as an exclusive broadcaster, to have this great star at our microphone. But otherwise, no particular feeling. Messi, I met him very young, for his first Golden Ball… I had already seen him in training in Barcelona, ​​then we had been at his place with Téléfoot in 2009. I had found a very introverted boy. , at the time, but very nice, very welcoming. For tonight, there is a little excitement, because there will be a huge excitement around this match, it’s just fun.

When you have a career like yours, do you approach it like a match like any other?

We do not trivialize especially, because we know what it means for French viewers to have a player of this caliber in our championship. But above all it’s fun, it’s football. Messi is six Golden Balls, no one has done better and I don’t know if anyone will do better one day. This is obviously a very important event and the coverage of the meeting will support this as well.

Where would you place tonight’s game among the events you have experienced as a journalist?

I do not know. Events, there have been! I tend to think that the next one is always the prettiest. If that happens, because nothing is set in stone, I just hope it will be a fun time and that we can get Leo to talk to French viewers. I’m not trying to locate him, it’s difficult to locate this character anyway. He’s a huge star, a major player, he catalyzed the game, he transformed it through his characteristics. I don’t locate him, I respect everything he has been able to do, I just hope it will be a good time with him.

How do we prepare for this, from a personal point of view?

I’m revising my Spanish a bit, already (laughs), because I don’t think he speaks French. Afterwards, it is an exercise that must be approached as one approaches others. There will be a little more pressure because it’s Messi, because we are the exclusive broadcaster and because it is followed all over the world. You just have to see the list of accredited people, I think it’s a hundred in the media, that lets you imagine the number of refusals there were. So yes, there is additional pressure, because it’s Messi, because it’s PSG … There will also be perhaps the first of this trio that everyone hopes, Neymar-Messi-Mbappé, we does not know if Mbappé will stay… There are a lot of questions and excitement as this event approaches.

If you only had the chance to ask her one question tonight, from the field, what would it be? Have you thought about it?

The idea is always to let yourself be guided by the events of the match, that’s still why we’re here. If PSG does a good result, it will first be on that, and then on his feelings, on his first steps in France, in terms of the game, the adversity he has encountered on the ground, his understanding with his teammates because it is also a question for many, how this trio will work together… Afterwards, we have a time that is quite short, but we should succeed in having at least one or two interesting sentences from Messi. He is in the discovery, so his first impressions will be very important.

Messi, is it better to see him at the edge of the pitch, or from the stands?

So, I did both… (he hesitates for a long time). I saw him more from the stands than on the pitch, but on the pitch I was really impressed by his speed. The gestural speed that he can have when he takes the spaces, that he arrives one against one. When we are at the edge of the field, we see that things are going very, very, very quickly. If he’s in good shape and he gives us his supersonic dribbles, I wouldn’t want to be in front of him because really, it’s impressive.

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