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Reinaldo Rueda could not hide his happiness when fulfilling the dream of directing the Colombia selection. His new mandate began on Tuesday with his official presentation and meeting with the media at his press conference.

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He new national coach He explained everything that has to do with this process that is starting, his clearer objectives, the pillars of his work and everything about the team with which he will try to get a place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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Coaching staff. The entire coaching staff that has accompanied me in recent years.

Chat with players. I have had contact with the captains. We have greeted each other, we have exchanged concepts, the moment they are going through, what we want as a coaching staff. The invitation to continue with that commitment. Due to the pandemic, it is difficult to make that visit to our players. We will maintain permanent contact.

Direct contact with technical bodies. When this pandemic situation improves, we can make a better assessment of our national league. It is important to value talents. We must have the participation of the clubs, where we can potentiate them at the national team level.

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Camerino. The fact of having had these results should not qualify. Everything that happened in these results. We must all take care of the mental health of the National Team. There, the means are decisive, all of us who have the possibility of providing a good environment, so that this group on the field has this cohesion.

Talk to Queiroz. Although there were previous conversations, it was a nerve-racking month for the Christmas festivities. As much as possible it would be important, by the professionals who have helped to build this. My respect and admiration for Professor Queiroz. If the possibility is given, it will be enriching.

Difference from Reinaldo. 15 years have passed, 15 years of maturing, of continuing to learn. All this that we lived in Colombia we were able to take to other cultures and countries, it was well valued and respected. That made us have this recognition from the Colombian National Team. It has been the experience of 15 years.

Why did it come? We were motivated by personal satisfaction, national pride, feeling and the great distinction as a coaching staff to take on this challenge.

Social networks.
Maybe I am not an expert on the subject of networks. To the extent that they know how to assimilate, it will be very positive. They are a lethal weapon. They must be very well used so that they do not harm.

Juveniles. It will be very important that Colombia sow in the sub-15, because in the sub-20 they are almost in the elite. Keep doing tournaments so that our players mature. That they give you information to face football circumstances and the demands of elite football.

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New calls. It is the task of day after day. This is a selection. Everything will go through the performance of the players. Day after day will be decisive to link new values ​​and stimulate them. Everything will depend on how to stay.

Time before signing. Everything has been a process of what this offer meant. In anticipation of what could happen. The illusion that it could be realized. One knows that when these results are given, because this is unexpected, this is football, sometimes speculation prevails more than the truth. Try to be the most objective and that this serves as arguments to assume this responsibility.

Microcycles. Everything happens for the part of health that we are living. This year will be very challenging and difficult, because we must cross the international calendars. The space of the teams to yield the players. You do not have to do microcycles to do them, the precise spaces will be sought for everyone to win. We have always explored and encouraged National League players.

Radamel Falcao. As for Radamel, hope that he has a speedy recovery, that he overcomes this difficulty that he has and that we have him in competition again and have arguments to have him again in the Colombian National Team.

James Rodriguez. It is the situation of who accompanies him to put him as in Everton or what we want or where we can get the best for the National Team. We cannot qualify it in a single position.

Mario Yepes. It is an issue that has been institutionalized. Time has been very short. The executive committee will evaluate your performance. It will not have interference from us as a coaching staff.

Group management for alleged fight. Only the players do it because of everything, because of the commitment they have for families, for the country, if there are some differences that are normal in football. In the National Team there are leaders and very mature men. It is putting the team jersey above all else. You do not have to do more management or be the hero in these types of situations.

National League. The possible players in the National League have begun to be analyzed. To the extent that there is the possibility of holding meetings and we can evaluate your activity on the field, welcome.

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Wheel work. Our methodology is the same. The players are the ones who determine these behaviors from a tactical point of view. We are going to make that mixture of our players adapting to what we can take advantage of their qualities. We expect a cohesive team.

Nationalized players. It is a must see. Colombia is a hospitable country. If there is a player who can give that different aspect to the National Team, he will be welcome. But we must stimulate our values, which have made national team processes.



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