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Last Friday, Reinaldo Rueda Y Pablo Milad | they met in Juan Pinto Durán. And they addressed various issues, including the interest that the coach arouses in the Colombian Federation to be the replacement for the fired Carlos Queiroz.

Then, the coach told the president of the ANFP and the Chilean Football Federation that he knew of Colombia’s interest in his services “through third parties”, but that so far he has not received a formal proposal.

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For this reason, he communicated to the helmsman his plans for La Roja and also his idea of ​​taking vacations in January and then witnessing the South American sub-20 that will be played precisely in Colombia, between February 2 and 21.

On that occasion, Milad made it clear to Rueda that in case of receiving a formal proposal from Colombia, the millionaire compensation (almost US $ 4 million, with taxes included) that his contract fixes it would not be an obstacle to reaching an advance exit agreement.

“Pablo (Milad) commented to Rueda that one should work where one is happy. They both agreed that slavery no longer exists and that money would not be a cap if they want to return to their country, ”they say in the ANFP.

In the Colombian federation, meanwhile, they recognize the interest in Rueda. “Our president, Ramón Jesurún, has contemplated talking with his Chilean counterpart, Pablo Milad, to see the subject of Reinaldo Rueda, a very loved and valued coach in our country. The idea is not to take anyone, except the Chilean federation “, they comment in the coffee association, in which they also recognize that they add the name of Jorge luis pinto as an option, after leaving the United Arab Emirates national team.

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In Quilín they also expect a prompt resolution of the Rueda case, starting with a direct contact from Milad and Jesurún, since “they are good friends and surely this week they will talk about the issue,” they advance.

“I cannot comment on anything, because no formal proposal has come from the Colombian Federation for Reinaldo Rueda. Until now, he’s still our coach, ”Milad says briefly.

Who for Rueda?

At the Peñalolén headquarters, they are sheltering against a possible departure from Rueda and are already exploring replacement alternatives. The former Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze He is interested in the intensity of the game that distinguishes his teams. Still no club since leaving Velez Sarsfield.

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“You have to see what happens with the Rueda situation. Until the name of Mauricio Pochettino, that sounds at Real Madrid, was approached at the time by third parties, but there has been no deepening of contacts, since there is a coach in exercise and that is what must be settled first ”, they close in the association.

Ramiro Fuenzalida
El Mercurio (Chile)

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