Reinaldo Rueda spoke style of play Colombia Selection refers to James Rodríguez and Juan Cuadrado | Colombia selection

Many wonder about the way the Colombian National Team will play and more after the double round of Eliminatory that ended in a landslide and that many want to forget. After his official presentation as Colombia coach, Reinaldo Rueda offered an interview to Noticias Caracol, where he precisely answered those doubts.

The Colombian National Team is seventh in the Qualifiers, a position it occupied after the terrible fall at the hands of Uruguay and Ecuador. The next challenge is against Brazil, at home, and then against Paraguay on the road. In what way will the tricolor come out to play, that is the question that many fans are asking themselves these days. He is going to play wait and counter, he is going to play high or he is going to bet on possession of the ball. Reinaldo Rueda answered.

“Colombia is identified by a special, natural DNA and all the parties are going to be different. Within the same game there will be different moments, where all these concepts will be interpreted. It is around there to have players with that game intelligence, who diagnose and interpret. The important thing is going to be to capture those tactical concepts that are applicable in a single game, hopefully they will give us the result, that in the end is what the classification gives us ”.

Much is said about the style of Colombian football and they wonder about whether it should be recovered or implemented again. Former coach Carlos Queiroz emphasized many times that his team played European. In this regard, Rueda assured that it is something innate in each player.

“It is not recovering it nor is it implanting it, because it is implicit and in the sensitivity of each player. It is perhaps doing a stimulus and identifying that they are different moments. We are in a situation in the classification, with characteristics at an atypical moment for humanity. The different leagues give us information and that is where our players live from day to day. We want to harmonize the selection in search of that collective group, ”Rueda told Noticias Caracol.

He also spoke of two references: Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and James Rodríguez. Their place on the court will depend a lot on the opponent they face.

“Juan Guillermo gives us versatility and intelligence in the game, and that will be decisive. You cannot say that you will play in a certain position. We have to evaluate who will be accompanying him and what kind of match we are going to face, it is time for each qualifying day and the circumstance. He is in the elite and has the ability to respond in any position.

Finally, on the ’10’, the technician recognized that it will happen as with Cuadrado. Your position will depend on the team you choose. “We all know that it has a natural position and important characteristics, and everything will go through what suits us best for the group.”


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