Reiner Fuellmich – our work is progressing well but beware of false rumors

We welcome the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, once again for an exclusive debriefing on the progress of the work of the group of experts who form the Corona Committee.

Much misinformation has circulated about his action with a group of lawyers from several countries. We wanted Dr Fuellmich to be able to provide the answers himself to the questions that never fail to ignite social networks.

The messages circulating on social networks are too often “increased” reported from site to site, from email to email with additions that lead to a deviation from the original factual message.

Dr Fuellmich confirms that he works with an expert group of less than 100 people when we can read that this group sometimes includes more than 1000 lawyers. As he says:

« Only a few good people are enough »

After an update on the current procedure, he answers our questions in order to provide a necessary clarification, very aware of the fact that disinformation is raging and possibly used to denigrate or demean the action that his group leads.

At the risk of disappointing some, he confirms that there will be a trial, but it will not start on July 3, 2021 as we have read on the net. Nor will it be a Nuremberg 2.0 but rather an International Tribunal established specifically for the Corona crisis.

Find the full debriefing of Dr Fuellmich

Original version with French subtitles

Original version in English

9 thoughts on “Reiner Fuellmich – our work is progressing well but beware of false rumors”

  1. Thank you for your hard work your dedication and humanity they go before you

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart please keep us all informed as to your progress and many of us wish you good luck God is with you x

  2. My dear Reiner
    You are a hero in the eyes of so many people in the world.
    May God bless your work.
    This tyranny has been going on for far too long.
    Now they are going after our children.
    Australia is a breaking point, as is Italy and countries all over the world.
    The sooner these evil people are brought down the better, for all humanity.
    With much love
    From an Italian in Australia.


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