Relatives deny participation of security forces in the death of the Sardi spouses

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Relatives of the architect Enrique Sardi and his wife Malena de Sardi denied versions that circulate on social networks, about the alleged participation of security agencies in the events that led to the death of the couple, whose bodies were located last Wednesday at their residence , located in sector 5 of the Colinas de Guataparo urbanization.

Recently, a video began to circulate in which a man shows two officials, supposedly from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, Sebin, who came to his house to look for him and whom he holds responsible for what may happen to him. The man, however, is not the architect Enrique Sardi, nor is the house the residence of Colinas de Guataparo. Apparently he is a candidate for national deputy for Monagas.

The next of kin acknowledge the correct performance of the officials of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps that carry out the investigations.

The death of the architect Sardi and his wife Malena caused a stir in the city. From the moment family members located the bodies, the repudiation was general. Simultaneously, several operations were launched to find the whereabouts of the murderers.

The La Manguita sector, on Cuatricentenaria avenue, has been visited several times by researchers

The thesis that gains more force is that of theft. It was known that the spouses had denounced the theft of food from a refrigerator they had in the back of the house. Apparently, that person would have been Malena Muñoz de Sardi when she was killed with a blunt object.

Her husband, the architect Sardi, was found in his room. There he would have sustained a confrontation with the antisocials, which culminated in his death also by blunt force, although he presented superficial wounds from a knife.

The inquiries include the personnel who worked in the residence of the spouses.

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