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Valve has made a new move on NFT games, which are showing signs of rising. Some items that prohibit the release of NFT games etc. have been added to the developer documentation of Steam. What happened. About this policy, the developer of the NFT game “Age of Rust”, who “has been kicked out” from Steam, talked about this policy.PC GamerEach overseas media reports.

“Age of Rust” is a first-person action game that was planned to be released on Steam. It is a science fiction work that incorporates story-based game experiences, battles, and puzzle elements. In addition, the key element of this work was to be able to obtain NFT in the game. In addition, using the functions of the base NFT platform Enjin, we were also considering the “multiverse NFT” element that uses NFT obtained from other game works. However, the work is now described on Steam as “discontinued at the request of the publisher.”

Here, I would like to briefly explain about NFT. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a technology that gives digital data unique ownership. Originally, digital data can be copied as many times as you like, so you cannot claim ownership like a physical asset. However, in NFT, blockchain technology can be used to give digital data “non-replicatable” ownership. This mechanism is similar to the technology that gives virtual currency its value as money.

Just as blockchain technology is used to guarantee the “owner” of cryptocurrencies, NFT guarantees users ownership of digital art and game items. So to speak, it is a technology and product that can be called a “data version of virtual currency”. NFT-ized data becomes a unique “digital asset” that cannot be replaced, so it is called a “non-fungible” token.

It’s an intriguing idea to get “in-game items that only you have in the world” with NFTs. On the other hand, the problem is the speculative nature of NFTs. By nature, NFTs are easily linked to real-money transactions. Therefore, the entry of malicious businesses focusing only on speculative aspects has become a problem. In the game field, there have been cases where games claiming to use NFT technology have been pointed out as plagiarism (asset stealing).Related article). Although the technology of “guaranteeing ownership” is not guilty, there are many cases where games using NFT technology are malicious. Therefore, there are many users who are wary of NFTs. The rise of NFT games would have been a concern for game platforms such as Steam.

And this time, Valve, which runs Steam, seems to have decided to move blockchain-based games that use NFT etc. away from Steam.Recently for Steamworks developersmaterial“A blockchain-based application that enables the issuance and trading of virtual currencies and NFTs” was added as “should not be published on Steam” content. Space Pirate, the developer of Age of Rust, mentioned the above-mentioned postscript on the official Twitter account on October 15th, talking about the story of the work.

Prior to the withdrawal of “Age of Rust”, Space Pirate had a discussion with Valve. The studio commented, “All blockchain games will be kicked out of Steam.” Although he faced Valve head-on, he said he “lost the battle.” The studio also claims that Valve has shut out NFT games and the like because “NFTs have real asset value.”

On the other hand, Steam has some inconsistencies due to the presence of real money trading features such as trading cards and Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins. If SpacePirate’s allegations are true, they may have been concerned about the rampant trading and gambling of in-game items outside the reach of the platform. However, there is no way to know what the studio and Valve are talking about, so the actual reason is in the dark.

In response to this incident, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talks about the policy of the Epic Games Store. He commented on his Twitter account that he would welcome games using blockchain technology as long as the work complies with the rules and laws. He also said that he has no plans to release a game that includes virtual currency as Epic Games.

In addition, there is MMORPG “MIR4” as a game incorporating blockchain technology being distributed on Steam, and this is announcing the implementation of NFT elements at a later date (Related article). The film is currently being streamed without incident, but if the NFT element is implemented, it could violate the updated Steam guidelines. Valve’s policy will have a major impact on the Steam rollout of NFT games.

NFT is a relatively new technology, and games using blockchain technology are in their infancy. The utilization is still unknown, and many possibilities are sleeping. Will NFT be a technology that will support the future of gamers by overcoming the rumors of some malicious businesses and the backlash of users?

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