Release them! Video with a warehouse full of PS5 goes viral on TikTok

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The next-gen console shortage will be at the fore, again, this holiday season and obviously those with big selling power are gearing up to do some big business in the coming weeks. Hence, a video showing a warehouse full of PS5 units went viral on TikTok, igniting the fury of gamers who have seen nothing but trouble getting the Sony console.

Walmart also becomes a PS5 hoarder

A few days before the start of the 2021 holiday season, which will be declared inaugurated with the traditional Black Friday in different parts of the world, criticism against the Walmart supermarket chain did not wait after a person with access to the winery of a branch, share in TikTok a video that shows the accumulation of PS5 units that is taking place in the run-up to the weeks of greatest economic activity.

Walmart is ready to make big money with the PS5

As the TikTok video provocatively points out, if there are players who have not been able to find a PS5 these days it is due to the accumulation that stores are making to get the most out of it in the coming days. The detail in question is that Sony itself has confirmed that the 2021 holiday season will see a new PS5 shortage period, so in addition to being one of the most desired products for the end of the year, now carries the burden of being a rare commodity.

In this regard, it must be remembered that Sony prepared a dynamic so that some players can buy a PS5, but registration on the official site does not guarantee anything and only a few will be able to purchase the console.

It will be difficult to buy a PS5 this end of 2021, but don’t forget that in the different LEVEL UP communication channels, we keep you up to date in real time when units are available, so don’t hesitate to follow us.

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