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2023-05-28 22:00:00

The number of burglaries is increasing again. Certified systems deter burglars and sound the alarm.

The number of burglaries is rising again. A total of 6,058 reports of burglary in residential buildings or apartments were reported to the police in Austria in 2022, which is at least 17 burglaries per day. According to the Federal Criminal Statistics 2022, this corresponds to an increase of 31.3 percent compared to the previous year.

The number of burglaries in basement compartments is also increasing rapidly, as evidenced by 9138 reports (up 27.4 percent), the highest value in six years. The burglars primarily focus on mountain bikes and expensive e-bikes. Experts see one reason for the increase in the end of the corona-related restrictions.

During the lockdowns, when working from home was at its peak, people were at home more often, and professional perpetrators were restricted in their mobility. This has changed again with the return to public and social life.

The best protection against burglary is functioning security technology

The fact that more and more burglary attempts are now failing is primarily due to functioning security technology. “However, this can only fully develop its protective effect if users can completely rely on it,” advises security expert Martin Unfried, branch manager of the alarm system manufacturer Telenot in Vorchdorf (Upper Austria). He recommends “deciding on VSÖ and VdS-certified systems in any case and having them installed by specialists”.

The best protection against burglary is still the right security technology. This is confirmed by the figures from Germany, where in 2022 at least 46.8 percent of burglary offenses were already stuck in the attempt stage because, for example, an electronic security solution had recognized the unauthorized intruder and sounded the alarm accordingly. “In recent years, there has been a growing awareness among the population that a professionally planned and installed electronic hazard detection system is an important key to protecting your own four walls and everyone who lives in them and creating a high sense of security,” emphasizes Unfried .

Two factors determine the reliability of the security solution

Whether a security solution reliably fulfills its tasks depends primarily on two factors. Firstly, the functionality of the technology must be guaranteed at all times. “Burglars don’t have working hours. Therefore, all components of the security solution must offer protection 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day,” says the expert. Secondly, the individual components of the system must work reliably, both individually and in interaction with each other: “If, for example, a motion detector frequently detects dangerous situations that do not exist at all and thus triggers false alarms, users often tend to switch the system on less often, which means that burglars makes work easier.” And, of course, a security solution must not allow itself to be sabotaged.

So that users can rely on a smart security solution from his company, the products are designed in such a way that they not only meet the mandatory guidelines and standards. The components are certified by the VSÖ (Association of Austrian Security Companies) and the VdS damage prevention, the official bodies for the independent testing of security products. Their test criteria are well above the standards. But what is even more important in this context: The VdS also determines whether the individual components of an alarm system such as smoke and motion detectors, magnetic contacts on windows and doors, external signal transmitters, but also the various alarm control panels are reliable and coordinated. Only a few manufacturers make this effort.


  • No absence signal through open, empty garages and darkness in the house. Outdoor light (motion detectors) unsettles intruders. Lights should be on in some rooms even when you’re not there (timers).
  • No insight allow into the rooms. Blinds should be closed and curtains drawn.
  • Before leaving close all windows, because tilted windows are open windows for burglars.
  • Alarm systems: Professionally installed alarm systems combined with burglar-resistant windows, terrace and balcony doors deter most criminals. Never leave the key inside mechanically secured windows and glass doors.
  • entrance doors should always be locked as soon as you leave the living area. Just pulling it shut is not enough, because unlocked doors are easier to open.
  • light well grille should be secured.
  • ladders, tools and other material that criminals could use to break in should not be left out in the open.
  • In the event of a longer absence Ask neighbors or acquaintances to empty the mailbox regularly and to remove advertising brochures in front of the front door.
  • never cash, Store jewelry or securities in portable cassettes. Safes should be anchored to the floor or wall.

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