relief for New Orleans residents after the hurricane

Rodney sits outside the door of the house where he was born 63 years ago, in the French square of New Orleans, Louisiana. His cell phone is dead beside him. “No electricity, no phone, dead batteries, no open restaurant, no store, nothing, he enumerates, fatalistic. What can we do ?”

>> In pictures. Hurricane Ida sweeps through Louisiana and plunges New Orleans into darkness

Louisiana governor talks about damage “catastrophic”. At least two people were killed, the first by a fall from a tree in the market town of Prairieville and the second while trying to cross a flooded road in New Orleans. And Monday evening again, more than a million households were still without electricity.

Hurricanes, Rodney has seen them almost every year since 1964 and he has obviously made up his mind. “But it’s hurricane season! Football season starts in August, hurricane season too”, he laughs yellow. He looks at the big branches blown off by the wind. “The trees are already over four or five hundred years old. They will continue to grow.”, he reassures himself.

The neighbors, Dina and Rachel, fill garbage bags. “Tree branches, leaves and debris … Because with the return of the rain, if we do not clean, we will be inundated”, explains Dina.

“It really could have been worse!”

Dina, a resident of the French square in New Orleans

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Rachel adds that she was there at the time of Katrina. “Ida, it was nothing compared to Katrina. 4.50 m of water in some places, people on the roofs of their houses. It was terrible!, she recalls. But we have new dikes and they have held up “.

Like the famous balcony houses of the French square. “You realize these buildings are some of the oldest in the country, s’extasie Rodney. Some are over 200 years old. Imagine how many hurricanes they experienced! And they are still there and they probably will be when I am no longer there. They will see many more, hurricanes “, conclut Rodney.

Sébastien Paour’s report in the French square of New Orleans after Ida’s visit.

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