“Relief for Red Eyes: Tips and Home Remedies for Allergies and Hay Fever”

2023-05-30 03:14:02

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Red eyes are often a sign of an allergy or hay fever. Simple home remedies and tips can provide relief for red eyes.

Frankfurt – Red and itchy eyes can have many reasons. Many diseases can cause reddening of the eyes, such as allergies and hay fever. Short-term eye problems, which are definitely due to allergies such as hay fever, can be alleviated with simple tips and home remedies. In the case of serious illnesses, however, medical advice should be sought.

Conjunctivitis, or conjunctivitis, is loud pharmacy magazine among the most common eye diseases. Inflammation of the smooth, transparent protective layer of the eye is usually triggered by infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites as well as allergies such as pollen allergies and hay fever. To the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) according to a total of 16 percent of the German population suffer from a pollen allergy. Symptoms include a runny or dry nose and the urge to sneeze, but also burning, watering and reddened eyes.

Red eyes from allergies and hay fever: Simple tips and home remedies can help

Simple tips and home remedies can help to relieve itchy and reddened eyes caused by allergies. For example, eyes should not be rubbed in case of swelling and redness. This is because rubbing can worsen the irritation of the eyes and, in the worst case, cause pain. The German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) refers to the use of tear substitutes such as eye drops. They can help flush out allergens and pollen and counteract discomfort. Allergy sufferers can also observe the following tips for hay fever or pollen allergies:

  • Remove street clothes outside of the bedroom in the evening
  • Wash hair to get rid of stuck pollen
  • Mouth and nose protection as well as tight-fitting sunglasses can help
  • Keep windows closed when driving

Simple home remedies such as cucumber slices work wonders for reddened eyes. Here, however, it should be tried out individually, which provides better relief. Cold slices of cucumber on swollen and irritated eyes can help with symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. But cotton pads with warm water should also have a calming effect on reddened and itchy eyes. Certain foods can also reduce hay fever symptoms.

Hay fever and allergies: Treat sensitive eyes to regular breaks

In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the air in the room is kept sufficiently humid. Those affected with sensitive eyes should also allow themselves more frequent breaks and rest so that they can blink often enough. Loud pharmacy magazine you should also make sure you drink enough. However, experts advise against herbal bags or chamomile baths for the eyes. Scented creams can also aggravate the symptoms due to the irritating effect.

A woman rubs her eyes.
Itchy and red eyes are often associated with allergies and hay fever. Simple tools and tips can help alleviate the symptoms. (symbol image) © Imago

like it im Online health manual MSD Manual In other words, the degree of redness says nothing about the severity of the disease. If pain or visual disturbances go hand in hand with red eyes, this tends to indicate a serious cause. In this case, it is advisable to have the reddening of the eyes checked by a doctor. (hg)

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