relieved but worried merchants

Coral, bottle green… Amélie, 26, has set her sights on “ clothes that give the peach Because she really needs it. This Saturday morning of the reopening of non-essential post-containment stores, this fashion victim had only one desire: to return to the original little shop she had discovered this summer. The maximum capacity of four customers is far from being reached, as in most of the shops on the main shopping street in Metz city center, rue Serpenoise, far from being crowded that morning.

“So happy to find the customers! “

« It is not the fear of the virus. People are surely in the shopping areas on the outskirts, because in recent months in town many shops have closed. », Comments Florine, saleswoman at Promod, for whom the joy of the reopening is darkened? in a climate of ” dying city center “. Personally, in any case, she blows. ” I am so happy to find the customers, to have discussions! It is the foundation of any society. My job is not just a livelihood. I like to advise people She continues. Same feeling for Florian, salesman at the Printemps store, who receives the items that could not be exchanged during the closing and who is delighted with the first Christmas shopping: “ I couldn’t take it any longer to stay at home. Some clients ask us how we feel. It’s nice ».

“I came to support trade”

Leaving the cash register of a ready-to-wear store, Geraldine, 43, wishes “good recovery”. ” Of course I am thinking of all the employees of these shops. I do enjoy window shopping every now and then, but you can’t say that I felt private. I also came to support the trade. I hesitated, I admit, because I was afraid of finding myself in the crowd. But this is not the case. “. Attached to the city center, Geraldine has prohibited herself from ordering online, including her coffee capsules, of which she has just renewed the stock, bag in hand. ” In this gloomy atmosphere there are still positive signs. I discovered a shop that had just opened. In addition it is made in France. I bought myself a bag! », She rejoices.

Dominique, 52, strolling with his companion, combined the useful with the pleasant. She urgently needed a battery for her watch… and a change of scenery. ” Just life for two is not life. We need to see people, even if it’s just passers-by. But going out with a certificate and not being able to extend it with a restaurant or a coffee spoils the pleasure a little ”. She who likes to renew her wardrobe so much had continued to shop online. ” But nothing replaces the possibility of touching and seeing the materials ».

Damien, 15, confides in lack of his group of scouts, and in saturation of courses half online. He appreciates a change of scenery by going to Fnac with his mother, spotting video game releases. Suzanne is enjoying her first shopping trip with her grandmother Françoise. It’s her 13th birthday, and she’s come to pick her presents. The masks, the gel, the distance to respect do not cool them down: ” We are used now ».

“Frozen” atmosphere

Just opposite, sitting in front of one of the deserted windows, on his travel bag inherited from his past in the Foreign Legion, waiting for attention to be paid to him, but refusing to do the rounds, Laurent, 40, confides his circumspection. ” Of course my interest is that it reopens. While usually I manage to get 20-30 euros per day, during the closure I did not exceed five euros. Seeing his usual street come back to life doesn’t change his condition either. ” The mood is frozen, figuratively speaking. People take advantage of their masks to ignore me even more. But the eyes are the soul of the person, and that I see it. »


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