Religion – Pope promises a visit to Bratislava

Pope Francis wants to visit the World Eucharistic Congress in the Hungarian capital Budapest in autumn and celebrate the closing mass there. But it was not an official “visit to the country”, he emphasized according to Kathpress on Monday on the return flight from his Iraq trip from Baghdad to Rome in front of journalists traveling with him. He also promised a visit to neighboring Slovakia.

Budapest is only a two-hour drive from Bratislava. “Why not visit the Slovaks?” Asked Francis. The World Eucharistic Congress, a major Catholic meeting, will take place in Budapest from September 5th to 12th.

“Stay in Rome”

At the press conference on the plane, Francis also confirmed that he did not want to return to his home country Argentina after a possible resignation from office. “I will stay here in my diocese of Rome,” he said, adding, jokingly, “I was in Argentina for 76 years – that’s enough, isn’t it?”

A trip to Argentina was on the program for November 2017 along with a visit to Chile and Uruguay, he said. The visit to Chile was then canceled due to the presidential election in December and postponed to January 2018. This month, a visit to Argentina and Uruguay was no longer an option for climatic reasons. Therefore, Peru was chosen as the second destination instead. The Pope contradicted speculation about an aversion to his homeland. One shouldn’t make “fantasies of patriaphobia”.

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