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SAN DIEGO – Jorge Barranco, uncle of one of the Marines who is presumed to have died in an accident during training on the California coast, shared with us about the life of his nephew who would have been cut short in his dream.

“He always liked the Marines as a child, I remember he had a Marines uniform,” Barranco recalled.

Marco Andrés Barranco, known as Andy, 21 years old and originally from Montebello (California), is one of eight soldiers, three of them Hispanic, who disappeared and are presumed dead after an accident in a military boat on the coast of San Clemente that sank hundreds of feet deep last week during a military exercise.

“We are sad with a broken heart but the most important thing is that we are united, we are aware that God called him for a reason, he has already fulfilled his mission here and now he is going to fight with God.”

Barranco recalled that the decision to enlist was a dream come true for his nephew.

“He is my love, he is my child and I loved him very much,” regretted Barranco’s grandmother, who was devastated and remembered the last time she saw him just two weeks ago. “She said, ‘Granny, I’m leaving now,’ and it was the last hug I gave her. It was the last time I saw her.”

Three of the young men who went missing during a workout off the coast of San Diego had roots in Los Angeles County.

“He enlisted in the Marines to make his family happy so that his country feels proud, [fue] the first of the family to get involved and we are all very proud of him, ”said Barranco.

“We know that time will heal the wounds but I know that Andrés was proud of us and his family and he wants to see us well, he wants to see us happy and more than anything, proud of him.”

The family has created a GoFundMe account for the funeral expenses of their military and they also ask for many prayers to cope with this difficult time.


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