Rementeria and Villanueva prop up the renovated Arenas

Unai Rementeria, SD Amorebieta midfielder, vintage of 99, and Rafa Villanueva, young right winger from Somorrostro, represent the seventh and eighth incorporation of an Arenas, as EL CORREO has learned, which is adding troops in the lines that most yearned to prop up at a frenetic pace. Remen has passed through the Athletic and Real quarries, Bermeo, Sodupe and Portugalete before his last stop in Urritxe. It is one of the strongest promises of Biscayan football and already has experience in the demanding Second B occupying any of the posts in the wide area.

Villanueva returns to Getxo after completing an excellent campaign on El Malecón. He had already belonged to the Arenas quarry before being trained by the Eibar Junior Honor. Villanueva, only 20 years old, has scored eight goals in 21 games this year at El Malecón, leaving flashes of his verticality, with tireless struggle and commitment. El Arenas represents a qualitative leap in his incipient career to qualify for the Second B. He is accompanied on this trip by Ekaitz Fernández, another 27-year-old adoption getxotarra, who was trained in the Danok Bat youth academy and who has been a militant in Zamudio, Somorrostro and Cultural de Durango before signing for Deusto. Álex Letamendia, a winger from Beasain, who had emerged from the Real Unión, has also signed for Arenas.

The brave front Iñigo Pradera was the first signing this summer for Arenas led by Javier Olaizola on the bench and Toño Vadillo in the offices as sports director, both in the middle of the office. The 26-year-old striker, a native of Mallabia, has been a member of Gernika for the past four seasons. Previously he had acted in the ranks of Basconia, Zamudio and Bilbao Athletic. From Villa Foral he also called in Gobela, where Arenas’ matches will return the next campaign to save costs from Fadura, Azkoitia center back Iker Murua, 29, with proven experience in Lagun Onak and Sestao River, who makes the leap to the Second B with the choral objective of the sandbox club not to drop from the Second B Pro. From Sarriena landed the young right-back Iñigo Irigoien and Jon Vega, left-handed center-back of 26 years, with a long career despite his age in Mirandés, Coruxo , Conquense and two stages in SD Leioa.

Arenas in full metamorphosis relieving the Aitor Ramos, Nacho Matador, Javi Zarzo, who is inclined to play near his home after his recent paternity, Igor Arnáez, who also does not renew due to problems with job adjustments and the promising Mallorcan central Toni Frau, who handles various offers. For their part, Kaiser and Alberto Salado, on loan this year at Arenas, return to the discipline of CD Vitoria and Atlético de Madrid B, respectively. By cons, in a chapter of renovations still underway with several movements underway, Luariz, Uranga and Carrio are still in the red and black team.

Several youths from the inexhaustible quarry of Arenas-Romo will make the preseason with the first team of Olaizola looking to get a hole. Mikel Rodríguez, who already sneaked in three calls last season, Julen Beain, who already played two games totaling seven calls, Julen Martín, Iker Duque and Iker Estepar, who had also premiered in one call last year.


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