Remitters and industrialists make proposals to face the situation

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The shortage of currency in the exchange market has generated certain concerns in businessmen and economic agents, who are looking for viable proposals to face the situation.

While the National Association of Companies and Industries Herrera (ANEIH) suggests that the Central Bank make an injection into the exchange market and that the productive sectors and importers be allowed to request their currencies without intermediaries through the Bank’s Electronic Currency Trading Platform. Central, the remitters request that the remittance payment in Creole currency (pesos) be temporarily allowed.

The president of ANEIH, Leonel Castellanos Duarte, said that economic agents continue to face serious difficulties in finding foreign exchange in sufficient quantity for their commercial transactions, in the framework of a devaluation that has already 15 consecutive weeks accelerating its rate of devaluation.

The president of the Dominican Association of Exchange and Remittance Intermediaries (Adocambio), Carlos Alberto Pla, revealed that about a month and a half ago, when the shortage of foreign currency was coming, they proposed to the Central Bank that the payment be temporarily allowed of shipments in pesos.

Pla assured that there is no currency hoarding in the market and that the problem is that there is not enough cash in the country to cover all the demand that is registered, as a result of the restrictions and closure of the sectors that produce foreign currency and the economic crisis in the remittance-issuing markets.

Pla referred to the complaints of those who send remittances to the country for the delivery in pesos and said he agreed that remittance companies order their collectors abroad not to accept shipments for delivery in dollars while there are no guarantees of availability of the currency in their offices.



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