Remix of “Organized band”: the style of the bad girls of Marseille

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It’s the success this summer. The title Organized band, which brings together Jul, SCH, Soso Maness and five other Marseille rappers, has broken all records. But one thing is obvious: no rapper has been invited to be part of the band. The only exception is Keny Arkana, who took part in the album 13’Organized, containing the title hit. At the beginning of November, eight Marseille rappers (Saaphyra, Veemie, Tehila Ora, Lil So, Ladyland, Léna Morgan, Mina West and Mely) therefore decided to take the opposite view of this testosterone sound. by creating a 100% feminine remix. They remind those who seem to have forgotten that “Marseille we find madams”. And more, talented rappers. A way of denouncing a common ground between the masculine self and the machismo of this environment. “It’s simple: we, the Marseille rappers, we are downright transparent”, lamented Tehila Ora in 20 minutes. Lil So abounded: “It’s hard to break through when you’re a girl in a male environment…” Rather than compete with each other, these eight women bet on the sorority. A winning bet since their version of Organized Band was listened to no less than 562,000 times on YouTube in three weeks. While messages of support have poured in to salute this initiative which “Gives energy and hope” and encourages some to look at the flow of rappers, sexist messages are never far away. “Shame of Marseille”, “under the brand of rap”… Ladyland even confides in 20 Minutes having received “Messages that [lui] said that the place of women is in the kitchen ”. She adds : “When I was in the world of jazz or soul, I had never experienced that.” The proof that this remix has fulfilled its role of visibility and that it allows to convey another message.

Marlene Thomas


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