Renault joins the stoppages in the automotive sector due to lack of components



Renault has confirmed this Monday to the unions in the Monitoring Commission of the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) that it will stop the night shift at the Bodywork and Assembly factory during practically the entire month of September (Thursday 2, Friday 3 and from 6 to 30), while it is “possible” that “one day” next week the work stoppages will be extended to the morning and afternoon.

This has been indicated by sources from the Workers’ Commissions in a statement collected by Europa Press after the meeting of the ERTE Monitoring Commission, presented as a result of the shortage of semiconductor chips in the market, for the factories of Valladolid and Palencia, which has been held this Monday morning.

The strikes mainly affect the Valladolid Bodywork and Assembly Factory, which already this Thursday, September 2, will stop in the afternoon and night shifts while on Friday it will do it in all three. In addition, as of September 6, the night shift strike will be extended until the end of the month.

Mercedes vitoria announced last week that it reduces its production forecast for this year to 138,161 vans, almost 3,000 less than estimated in July and about 12,000 less than expected at the beginning of the year. This week the Vitoria plant will register the longest unemployment so far this year, along with the one it suffered during the second half of June. The factory, with 5,000 workers, produces the Class V and Vito models, in their electric and thermal versions.

As to Seat Martorell, the management has canceled shifts in presses, sheet metal work and paintings during the days of Monday, August 30 and Tuesday, August 31, and Wednesday, September 1. Likewise, it has completely canceled the assembly activity on line 2 (Seat León and Cupra Formentor) on Monday and Tuesday, and the night shift on Wednesday. In recent weeks the production plants have also suffered production interruptions. Stellantis in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) and Vigo.

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