Renault: Maubeuge factory shutdown, workers on strike

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The Renault factory in Maubeuge (Nord) has been shutdown since Friday morning, the intersyndicale said. The latter called a strike after the management of the troubled car manufacturer announced the loss of around 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 4,600 in France. The management of the car manufacturer plans to merge the Douai and Maubeuge sites, 70 km apart, to create a center of excellence for electric and light commercial vehicles.

“The announcements made by Renault are not reassuring for the future of our site […] Only one alternative, the balance of power! ”, Can we also read on the flyers of the factory’s inter-union (CGT, CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, South).

According to Fabrice Rozé, CFDT delegate and secretary of the CSE, “100% of the staff have been on strike since this morning and we will make a call again for the afternoon team”.

“No vehicle leaves”

An extraordinary CSE was held on Friday morning at the site, which employs around 2,100 people of all statuses, but “we were told nothing at all, we are still in the dark”, according to Samuel Beauvois (South). “Today, there is not a vehicle coming out, everyone is on strike, including the engineers, the management, the team leaders,” reported Yannick Charlesège (CFTC).

The production of Kangoo electric utilities from Maubeuge should be transferred to Douai, which will inherit a new platform.

“Social dialogue is starting. Nothing is decided. We will all work together from Maubeuge and from Douai, “said MCA factory director Olivier Silva, to the employees who filmed it and published the video on the Internet.

“The mobilization is organized”

“We will not let go of our work tool in Douai,” warned Jérôme Delvaux, of the CGT, the first union on the site.

For his part, the DVD mayor of Maubeuge, Arnaud Decagny, calls, on the eve of a new demonstration on the spot, to present “a united front because the fight is just beginning”.

Communist Party boss Fabien Roussel also announced his presence on Saturday. “The mobilization is getting organized,” he tweeted.


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