Renault revisits the legendary R5 in a 100% electric version

After Volkswagen’s New Beatle, largely inspired by the mythical Beetle, after the Fiat 500, the Mini or even the Citroën Mehari, it’s Renault’s turn to surf nostalgia by exhuming one of its greatest icons. from the 1970s: the Renault 5.

Produced between 1972 and 1984, the R5 was the best-selling car in France for nine consecutive years (from 1974 to 1983). At the very beginning of the 1980s, the success was such that almost one in five cars purchased by individuals or companies (for fleets) was an R5.

Luca de Meo, the CEO of Renault, who replaced Carlos Ghosn to take over the operational aspects of the group, is not in his first resurrection. He was the one who, when he ran Fiat, relaunched the 500, positioning it as a luxury product rather than a new entry-level version. Great good took him. The new version Fiat 500 has given a little color to a brand that badly needed it.

A clever mix of vintage and high-tech

Will the new Renault 5, 100% electric, experience the same success? The version unveiled this morning, in a beautiful canary yellow, by de Meo himself, during the presentation of his strategic plan “Renaulution”, is rather promising. The spirit of the original R5 has been respected, in particular with this reminder of the wide wings that fitted the turbo version. This is evidenced by the new logo, which will now be affixed to all future Renault cars, a homage to the one designed by the artist Vasarely in 1972.

The result is a clever mix of “vintage”, very fashionable, and high-tech, which is reminiscent of Peugeot’s magnificent 100% electric concept car, the e-Legend, also largely inspired by Peugeot. another icon of the 1970s: the Peugeot 504.

The date of marketing of the R5 is not yet officially known, but it should not be found in dealerships before 2025, replacing another model, perhaps also destined to become legendary: the Zoe. His price ? Around 20,000 euros, we whisper to the management of Renault.

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