Rendi-Wagner: The turquoise-green compulsory test for everyone is purely a snapshot and therefore does not make sense or lead to the goal

The basis for the length of the lockdown must be the number of infections – smart and innovative test strategy through to vaccination coverage

Vienna (OTS / SK) The SPÖ will not agree to the amendment to the epidemic law, said SPÖ party and club chairman Pamela Rendi-Wagner in a press conference on Sunday. Because this law as the basis for a test obligation for everyone is not meaningful and expedient in terms of content and also legally questionable. “A mandatory test that is a week or two old does not offer any protection. That doesn’t make sense, ”says Rendi-Wagner. The basis for lockdown measures cannot be a half-baked test obligation for everyone, but only the infection process. The benchmark here is less than 1000 new infections per day. ****

Rendi-Wagner emphasizes that there is currently still a very high and fragile level of infection. Seriously, one therefore has to wait until the end of next week in order to make a forecast for the next few weeks and to assess which measures are needed, specifically with regard to the easing from January 18 or 24.

From a medical point of view, according to Rendi-Wagner, mandatory tests would not make sense as a protective measure for anyone who could be one or two weeks old. “They don’t protect anyone.” Because tests are valid for a maximum of 24 hours. “What is needed are sensible, targeted access tests in certain areas for the months after the lockdown – until a high vaccination rate is achieved,” says Rendi-Wagner. The present law goes far beyond that and is therefore legally questionable. “It offers the health minister the opportunity to create a system where exit restrictions or indiscriminate entry into certain areas, including basic care, are compulsorily linked to a test”, criticizes Rendi-Wagner. That is something completely different from sensible, targeted access tests, for example for nursing homes, events or restaurants.

In addition to these targeted access tests, Rendi-Wagner suggests easily accessible living room tests as the heart of a new test strategy. “These tests act like a full brake on the Corona.” But they have to come to the people and not the other way around. This widespread use of easily applicable tests is made possible by paper strip tests. Two manufacturers can already produce this. But you need a European approval, or a special approval from AGES. “You just have to finally take action in order to go from a latecomer to a pioneer in the fight against the pandemic,” says Rendi-Wagner, who also welcomes the fact that WKÖ President Mahrer has come closer to her proposal to offer tests in the workplace.

When it comes to access to vaccinations, the SPÖ chairwoman also criticizes the government’s hesitant approach: “Hesitation weakens the willingness to vaccinate and increases the risk of virus mutations.”

Rendi-Wagner also emphasizes that she considers it a “big problem” that the important project of the electronic vaccination record, which has been in implementation for years, is being postponed. “One would have expected that the electronic vaccination certificate would start in January. According to the Minister of Health, the start has now been postponed to March ”, regrets Rendi-Wagner.

“It is up to the federal government to use a clever, innovative test strategy and the great chance of the corona vaccination to lead Austria back towards normalcy and freedom as quickly as possible. This opportunity must not be gambled away and the government will be measured by it, ”says Rendi-Wagner. (End) up

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