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CHRISTMAS BONUS 2020. The renewal of the Christmas bonus in 2020 has not yet been recorded by the executive. Amount, conditions, date … Find out more about this service in our dedicated article.

[Mis à jour le 19 novembre 2020 à 09h33] You are wondering about the possible payment of the Christmas ? Officially, the renewal of this aid has not yet been recorded for the year 2020. A priori, we will have to wait until the beginning of December to find out more. As a reminder, the Christmas bonus concerns precarious homes, which already receive certain benefits from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or Pôle Emploi, as for the exceptional solidarity aid paid this fall. The amount of the premium can reach several hundred euros, depending on the family and social situation. Its payment is automatic. It is therefore unnecessary to contact CAF or Pôle emploi. In 2019, the payment was made on December 13 for 2.3 million beneficiary households.

The Caf and Pôle emploi do not carry out a study of the income and the situation of their beneficiaries to determine their eligibility for the Christmas bonus. Since its creation in 1998, this social benefit has been paid exclusively to households which receive certain social minima. Here are the aid to be received to obtain the payment of the Christmas bonus:

  • The RSAs
  • L’ASS
  • The AER
  • The flat-rate premium for resumption of activity

This amount depends both on your situation and on the organization responsible for the payment. It has never been upgraded since its creation. The Pôle emploi Christmas bonus concerns people who receive ASS, the flat-rate bonus and the AER. Its amount is fixed, whatever the family situation, and amounts to 152.45 euros.

The Caf Christmas bonus concerns people who receive active solidarity income (RSA) and is calculated according to the family situation. Here are the amounts that apply:

  • A single person and without children: 152,45€
  • A single person with 1 child: 228,67€
  • A single person with 2 children: 274,41€
  • A single person with 3 children: 335,39€
  • A single person with 4 children: 396,37€
  • A couple without children: 228,67€
  • A couple with 1 child: 274,41€
  • A couple with 2 children : 320,14€
  • A couple with 3 children : 381,12€
  • A couple with 4 children : 442,10€.

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The date of payment of the Christmas bonus intervenes generally 15 days before Christmas. In 2019, it was set for December 13. The payment itself takes place from that date until Christmas Day, so December 25, can we read on the service-public site. This is the reason why you should not worry if the payment was not effective immediately on your account.

If you respect the conditions of the Christmas bonus, and the payment did not take place around December 20, you can turn to the organization supposed to take care of the payment for you: Employment center (if you receive the flat-rate premium, the AER or the ASS) or your Family allowances fund (if you collect RSA).

The Caf or Pôle emploi will then tell you if it is a simple delay or if the absence of payment results from non-compliance with the conditions to benefit from the bonus. In fact, you may not or no longer meet the conditions for the Christmas bonus, because you do not receive one of the four social minima paid by Pôle emploi or the Caf.

CAF is responsible for paying the Christmas bonus for people who touch the active solidarity income (RSA) exclusively. The payment is made automatically to the bank account of the beneficiaries. If you do not receive the RSA, there is no point in contacting the Caf in order to hope to receive the Christmas bonus. The people who receive the activity bonus, for example, are not among the beneficiaries.

The Pôle emploi Christmas bonus concerns people who receive the AER, ASS and the flat-rate activity bonus. Like the Caf Christmas bonus, it is paid directly into the beneficiaries’ bank account. Again, it is futile to contact the organization if you do not receive one of the aids mentioned above. If you only receive classic unemployment benefit, also called back-to-work allowance (ARE), you are not affected.

As a reminder, the retirement equivalent allowance has not been granted since 1is January 2011. It was reserved for job seekers who had not yet reached retirement age, but who had sufficient quarters to obtain a full pension. “Only people whose AER rights were opened before 1is January 2011 continue to collect it until the expiration of their rights “, we detail on the service-public site.

Same story for the lump sum premium. This social benefit was abolished in 2017. Can therefore benefit from the Christmas bonus only those who benefited from this bonus on 1is September 2017 until their rights expire. As a reminder, it concerned job seekers who received thespecific solidarity allowance (ASS) and who were resuming professional activity.

As stated previously, only beneficiaries of ASS (specific solidarity allowance) can receive the Christmas bonus. Very concretely, this means that thepeople who receive simple unemployment benefits, called ARE (back-to-work allowance) cannot touch the premium. It is of no use to contact Pôle emploi in the hope of reaching the latter.

No. The beneficiaries of the activity bonus are not among the people who can receive the Christmas bonus. Only one CAF benefit allows it to be collected: the active solidarity income or RSA. Do not contact CAF to hope for the payment of the bonus.

As explained previously, the amount of the Christmas bonus depends on the social benefit you receive. If you receive the Pôle emploi premium, the amount is fixed (152.45 euros), whatever your family situation. On the other hand, if you benefit from the RSA, and therefore can receive the Christmas bonus from the Caf, the amount of the bonus is valued. It amounts to 228.67 euros for a single person with a child for example.

Disabled people, who receive the disabled adult allowance (AAH) alone, are not among the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus. Same story for those who receive the activity bonus or the former minimum old age – now renamed Aspa (solidarity allowance for the elderly). As a reminder, the Christmas bonus only concerns recipients of RSA, AER, ASS and lump sum bonus.

Yes, as explained previously, recipients of active solidarity income are among the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus. The amount of this assistance, for them, depends on the family situation (read below).

There is no simulator established by the Family Allowances Fund to find out your eligibility and the amount of your Christmas bonus. As explained previously, you must receive certain social benefits. The amount also depends on these.

The amount of the Christmas bonus has never been revalued since the creation of financial aid in 1998. Should we expect the coronavirus health crisis to lead the government to increase social benefits? At this stage, the subject was not publicly discussed. This fall, the general budget rapporteur, Laurent Saint-Martin (LREM), however, announced his intention, as part of the 2021 finance bill, to study the creation of a Christmas bonus or a deconfinement check for the most vulnerable, such as students and large families with poor resources. To date, this desire has not been translated into action in the 2021 budget.

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