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SpotifyApril 29, local time, for iOS and Android usersMy LibraryAnnounced to renew the screen of. With the addition of dynamic filters and a new grid view, songs and podcasts will be easier to find.

Search faster and easier

Spotifyaccording to,New features will not be available all at once, and updates will be rolled out to all iOS and Android users over the next few weeksIt is said that it will be done.

With this update,My Library“Dynamic filter” is added to. This means that when you tap a specific filter such as “Download” or “Album”, the displayed filter will be automatically updated according to the content in the library.

With the introduction of new dynamic filters, searching will be easier.Album, artist, playlist orPodcastIf you select one of the songs and programs stored in the library, the matching ones will be displayed. On the go, all you have to do is tap the “Downloaded” filter to see all the content available offline at once.

Pin up to 4 playlists, etc. for fixed display

In addition, album, playlist, and podcast cover art can be tiled just like the home screen. In addition, up to four playlists, albums, and podcast shows can be pinned to the top of the library for fixed viewing.

It will give you easier access to the songs you listen to often. Pin up to four playlists, albums, and podcast shows for instant access to work playlists and sleep podcasts. Simply swipe right on the item you want to pin and you’ll see the “Pin” option.

These new features are Spotify free andPaid usersHowever, the “downloaded” filter is only available to paid users.

Source:Spotify via MacRumors

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