Rental income: all you can deduct to pay less tax


Le Revenu takes stock of everything you can deduct from your property income. (© Fotolia)

If you opt for the real plan, you can deduct most of your current expenses from the income from your rented property with the tax savings. Overview of all deductible costs, provisions, taxes and other work expenses.

Your bare rental income is property income taxed at the income tax rate, plus 17.2% social security contributions.

Below 15,000 euros in annual rent, you can choose the simplified micro-land regime, which gives the right to a flat-rate reduction of 30%.

You are therefore taxed on 70% of your rents, regardless of the amount of your charges.

Real diet

On the flip side, you are penalized if your actual expenses exceed 30% of your rental income and you cannot see a property deficit (read below).

The second option is to choose the real scheme, which is compulsory if rents exceed the threshold of 15,000 euros.

This regime allows you to subtract from rents the actual amount of current charges and certain work paid in the year.

Overview of everything you can deduct Respect the conditions

To be deductible, your expenses must have been incurred for the acquisition and conservation of your income, and must have been effectively paid during the year.

At the request of the tax authorities, they must be able to be justified in their nature and their amount (keep your invoices or loan contract indicating your name, the address of the property, plans, photos … for at least three years).

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