Reopening of shops: an influx of customers, but no rush at Fnac des Halles

A bit of a wait, but a fluid movement on the shelves. This Saturday at 3 pm, on this first day of reopening of “non-essential” shops, the queue stretches for about twenty meters in front of the Fnac du Forum des Halles (Paris Ier). However, you only have to wait five to six minutes before a security guard equipped with a large can of hydroalcoholic gel lets customers in, in bursts of twenty people.

Like Mathieu, many were impatiently awaiting the reopening of cultural businesses. “In recent weeks, I bought records on the Internet, but they were scratched, says this 44-year-old Parisian. I trust the stores more. “In the records department, precisely, Clémentine, 29, carries a stack of vinyls, on top of which sits an album by Ben Harper. “I had a voucher that was unusable on the Internet and which expired this weekend”, says the young woman.

In this department, as among the DVD and book shelves, there are people, but no traffic jams. “As I saw that the queue was moving fast, I entered,” says Sarah, 17, who came from Fontenay-sous-Bois (Val-de-Marne) for a medical appointment. I take this opportunity to look for a book to give to my brother for Christmas. “In the thriller department, Camille, 31, also came for her brother:” He loves the novels of fantasy medieval and I know nothing about it. I wanted the opinion of a real person, not that of a site, ”she smiles, brandishing the novel recommended by the head of the department.

“Customers arrive, shop and leave quite quickly”

In the hall of the store, the manager, Yann Andrieu, is watching. “It’s very fluid, he congratulates himself. Customers arrive, shop and leave quite quickly. This Saturday afternoon, 23 security guards are stationed all over the Fnac des Halles – half a dozen more than a usual Saturday. “A software allows us to count the people who enter and those who leave,” specifies Yann Andrieu. Our maximum capacity is 850 people, but from 780, we make people wait outside. “

The boss of the store expects a peak in attendance between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. In fact, if around 3:45 p.m., we wait only two minutes in the single line which serves the twenty or so checkouts, at that time, in front of the Fnac, the line winds for about forty meters. And the teenager who is about to enter the store tells us that he waited fifteen minutes. Half an hour later, a few metro stations away, there is no queue in front of the Le Merle Moqueur bookstore (Paris XXth). But about fifteen customers wait in front of the cash desks, their hands full… Exactly like last October 29, on the eve of the bookstores closing.

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