News Repair of track after collision at Hooghalen will take...

Repair of track after collision at Hooghalen will take all weekend NOW


The repair work on the heavily damaged track at the Hooghalen in Drenthe will take all weekend, says ProRail on Saturday in a message on the website. A 58-year-old train driver died on Friday after the train collided with a tractor or trailer at an unguarded level crossing. Two passengers were slightly injured.

ProRail has already started repair work on the track in the night from Thursday to Friday. The damage is serious, says the manager of the rail network. Damage has been caused to, among other things, the track, the overhead wires and the train.

This weekend, ProRail is working with a contractor to repair three portals, 560 sleepers and 300 meters of rail.

Travelers between Groningen and Zwolle have to take into account extra delays throughout the weekend. Buses run between Assen and Hoogeveen. The track is expected to be available again around 6 a.m. on Monday.

Driver tractor is released with a fright

The collision between the trainset and the trailer of the tractor occurred on Friday around 4 p.m. Emergency services turned out en masse.

The media reports differently about the vehicle colliding with the train. Although the police report about a collision with a tractor, it seems in photos to be the trailer of the tractor. A police spokesman says he will come up with information later.

The driver of the tractor is released with a fright. It is estimated that there were about fifty passengers on the train. They were received by the emergency services.

Level crossing was on the list to be closed

The accident occurred on a private unguarded level crossing. The transition is included in the Non Active Protected Level Crossings Program (NABO), which aims to secure or eliminate the nearly two hundred unguarded level crossings in the country.

ProRail was in discussion with those involved about the definitive closure of the transition, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management) wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives. She believes that there should be clarity quickly about the circumstances of the accident.




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