(REPEAT) New York Stock Exchange: The Dow closed down 532.20 points.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed more than 500 points on Friday (Dec. 17), pressured by a sell-off in tech stocks. As investors worried about the impact of the Omicron virus Including the decision of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to end the stimulus measures faster.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 35,365.44, down 532.20, or -1.48%, the S&P500 closed at 4,620.64, down 48.03, or -1.03%, and the Nasdaq closed at 15,169.68, down 10.75, or -0.07%.

in the past week The Dow was down 1.7%, the S&P500 was down 1.9% and the Nasdaq was down 2.9%.

New York Stock Exchange fell. It was pressured by the Fed’s signal on Wednesday (Dec 15) that it would raise interest rates by 0.25% three times by the end of next year to cope with rising inflation.

Indian shares fell 2.1 percent and Alphabet fell 1.9 percent, weighing on the S&P500 and Nasdaq.

The Growth Index was down 0.7% and the Value Index was down 1.4%.

All 11 stocks in the S&P 500 were lower, with the financial group down 2.3 percent and the energy group down 2.2 percent.

Markets were pressured by various uncertainties after Pfizer said on Friday that Covid-19 epidemic may be extended until next year Meanwhile, European countries have increased travel restrictions and social distancing.

The study also warned that Omikron virus can cause up to 5 times more re-infection than Delta virus.

Oracle shares fell 6.4 percent on Wall Street. The journal reports that Oracle is in talks to buy Cerner for $30 billion. Serner shares rose 12.9 percent.

FedEx Corp shares jumped nearly 5 percent after reaffirming financial forecasts for next year.


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