repeated crashes and corrupted backups, is the console’s Idle mode involved?

The PS5 is about to land this Thursday, November 19 in France. However, the launch of a new one is regularly marked by software problems here and there. It seems that the PS5 is in the same boat, with several bugs that would be caused by the Rest mode.

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As you probably know, the PS5 and la PS5 Digital Edition arrive in France this Thursday, November 19, 2020. Nevertheless, the two next-gen consoles have been in the hands of the media and youtubers for some time now, and players from seven countries since November 12.

These early debuts have highlighted some bugs and software problems of the new machine from Sony. YouTuber ACG, known for his crazy performances on Apex Legends, says his console is already dead… This time it would bea bug caused by the console’s Rest mode, as evidenced by several testimonies from North American players and journalists.

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From PS5 crash to corrupted backups

According to these multiple complaints, the Rest mode is currently causing some rather serious problems, ranging from console crash (rather annoying without being dramatic) to corruption and deletion of backups (much more annoying). Some players were forced to go through the box Rebuilding the PS5 database.

In view of the various testimonies, it seems that this dysfunction concerns only certain titles, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls or GodFall, the action-adventure game from Gearbox studios. In this regard, the teams from Insomniac Games, in charge of Spider-Man, said:

Bugs are generally infrequent, but we are aware of several issues, some of which are particularly related to Rest mode. The team is currently working on fixes to the issues that arise the most ”, provides on Twitter James Stevenson, community manager of the American studio.

For the moment, no French player or media seems concerned by this phenomenon. Concerning us, we did not notice any problem on our PS5 and the Rest mode, either on Spider-Man or other titles. Caution being the mother of safety, however, we advise first-time buyers to avoid putting their PS5 in Rest mode until the problem is corrected by Sony and / or the developers of the titles concerned.

Source : GameSpot

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