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Trial Specialist: Lam Sze Man

Every weekend, I take my children to the stadium to play waves. After using Aqua Pro+Tech – “Mosquito Repellent Master” sterilized mosquito repellent for the first time, I stayed in the stadium for nearly 3 hours, and I was completely free from mosquito bites, and the test effect was satisfactory.

For the second time, we tried to use the product at home and enterprise, which saved the need to bring mosquito repellent out, and also tried the durability of the product at the same time. When it rained at sunset, I saw mosquitoes flying away, but we stayed in the stadium for nearly 3 hours without being bitten by mosquitoes at all. The test results were very good.

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, “Master Mosquito Repellent” can drive away mites, midges, fleas, ticks, flies and other insects. I cleaned up my collection of clothes at home and sprayed on “Mosquito Repellent Master”. I didn’t get bitten by insects that day and for several days, and the effect was ideal.

Trial Specialist: Sze Yu Stacey Wong

First of all, I want to praise the next package for its texture

First of all, let’s talk about the function of scaring it. Shake it vigorously and spray it on the upper body. There will be a few bubbles and no smell. It’s not like I usually use a mosquito to be afraid of holding my breath after spraying it with water????

I usually keep dogs spraying mosquitoes all day long to be afraid of water. After spraying, the dog will beg and snort as soon as it smells it. It is actually measured that there is no reaction at all after smelling it. Ten likes????????????????????????????????

I finally found a mosquito that is like a dog and is afraid of water, super happy ????

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Trial Specialist: Sophia Sophia

The first time I tried Mosquito Repellent Master, which is a sterilizing mosquito repellent, I was always afraid that mosquito repellent products would have a strong chemical smell, but Mosquito Repellent Master was better than having no unpleasant smell. For a while on the left, I was not attacked by mosquitoes for about 15 minutes, and I was “scarred” by standing in the same position for five minutes on weekdays. Therefore, the product test can be regarded as a success. The only thing that needs to be improved is that the particles sprayed out by the nozzle are not too fine. It needs to be pushed open by hand to speed up the skin absorption. However, considering the efficacy of the product, I will repurchase if necessary in the future. !

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Trial Specialist: Chan Nga Wun

Aqua Pro+Tech – “Mosquito Repellent Master” sterilization mosquito repellent is very effective. My skin is very easy to attract mosquito bites. After using it, even if I went hiking on a humid and hot day for several hours, I didn’t get bitten by mosquitoes. The defense ability is first-class. .

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