Report: a new Switch model will arrive this year and here are its first details

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Since last year, various rumors have started circulating that Nintendo I would consider launching a new model of Changer, this in order to keep the platform relevant when the Playstation 5 Yes Xbox Series X / S. To date, we have no official confirmation that this will be a reality, but a recent report from Bloomberg provides proof that Large N is already working on this new console.

According to the previously mentioned portal, the new model of the Changer will have a screen Samsung OLED larger than the current one, and Samsung will start producing these displays as early as June of this year with a short-term target of one million units. Apparently, Nintendo plans to launch this new model in December 2021.

Sadly, it seems rumors about a 4K display weren’t entirely true, because although it’s a more advanced display than the original, its resolution is still 720p, agree with Samsung. Let’s quickly see how this new one would compare Changer with the current one in terms of display:

– New switch: 17.7 cm OLED display.

– Current switch: 15.7 cm LCD screen.

No information on the technical specifications of the console has been revealed, so we don’t know if its internals will also be improved or if the only change we’ll see will be on screen. What improvements will this new screen bring exactly? Yoshio tamura, co-founder of the technology firm DSCC, answered the following question:

“Having an OLED panel uses less battery, provides higher contrast, and possibly better response times compared to the Switch’s current screen.”

At the time of writing, neither Samsung no more Nintendo responded to this information.


Source: Bloomberg

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