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Report: PlayStation will launch service as a competitor to Xbox Game Pass in 2022

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Article: Alicia Chang- Gamereactor.cn

Those who watched us earlier this yearPlayStation conference pre-showFriends of, should you remember that we mentioned that something about PlayStation Plus will become better in the future, right? Now it’s time to elaborate.

Because the very reliable Jason Schreier isBloombergIn a news article, it was decided to reveal that Sony is planning to launch a service as a competitor to Xbox Game Pass early next year. If everything goes according to plan, this is what we mentioned in September. Both Jason and our sources claim that this service will mix PS Plus and PlayStation Now, and it will also add some other unfinalized benefits to the new service code-named Spartacus. This means that you will be able to play new and classic games directly on the console, or play through streaming media without having to pay anything for this new subscription.

Our sources claim that one of the core differences between Spartacus and Xbox Game Pass is that the current plan is not to launch PlayStation Studios games directly on the service, as Xbox Game Studios games do on Xbox Game Pass. However, changes are likely to occur before the official launch of the service, because Sony has not finalized its plans and is still negotiating with a large number of partners and other game studios. However, this leaves enough space for you to share your expectations. What content must be included in this new PlayStation Plus to make you willing to pay more, and how much are you willing to spend on it?

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