Reported Back dr. Richard Lee, Kartika Putri does not want to be overly overwhelmed


Kartika Putri known to have reported dr. Richard Lee with the alleged defamation. Apparently, the beauty doctor reported back himself.

Habib Usman’s wife finally responded. Kartika Putri has no problem being reported back to the police by dr. Richard Lee.

“It’s okay, right? We’ll see the basis of access to what people report. Does the report meet the requirements? Does the report fulfill the evidence and facts? Yes, we just live it as good citizens, we are obliged to respect the existing laws, including creating content. , “said Kartika Putri found in the Transmedia area, South Jakarta, yesterday.

Kartika Putri reminded her to maintain professional ethics and follow the rules of state law when creating content. He considered that a medical code of ethics was violated by dr. Richard Lee.

“For me personally, if you want to do a good thing, do it in a good way, a good and correct process, so that God willing, the results will be good. But don’t act in the name of good intentions but do it in a bad way, with incorrect rules,” said Kartika Putri. .

“Yes, there will definitely be something I said earlier, all the actions have a first responsibility, there is a responsibility of the world and the hereafter. Yes, as it is reported, for example, there is still a worldly relationship and in the hereafter it is even heavier for me,” he continued.

Even so, Kartika Putri didn’t want to be too kepedean he is on the right side. Kartika Putri also leave everything to the police and follow the ongoing legal process.

“I do not believe in myself here, right, I am submitting it to the police, which means that it is the police who determine the fact that there is evidence, which there is consideration based on expert witnesses. So I do not want to justify myself, I am right or I am wrong, he was right he was wrong. No, “explained Kartika Putri.

“But, here as a human there is a legal institution, so I leave it up to let the police and expert witnesses consider what the case will be like,” he said.

The commotion between Kartika Putri and dr. Richard Lee started from a skincare problem. Richard Lee reviews on his YouTube channel about the skincare products that Kartika Putri promotes contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

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