Reported that students betrayed the identity of a professor who was beheaded in France for money | International

Investigators are tracking students who would have pointed Professor Samuel Paty in exchange for money to the jihadist who beheaded him next to the school where he worked north of Paris.

The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, indicated that “there are elements that suggest that”, hours after it was confirmed that four students had also been arrested and that a fifth was quickly released without charge, on suspicions of his involvement in the development of the attack.

In an interview with the channel “BFMTV”, Blanquer stressed that if this version is verified “it would be extremely serious” and would come to demonstrate “the penetration among the youngest of a certain vision of the world”, that of “fundamentalist Islamism”. through social networks and certain organizations.

The murderer came to kill motivated by messages on networks

Abdouallakh Anzorov, the 18-year-old murderer of Chechen origin who had refugee status in France like other members of his family, arrived on Friday from Evreux, where he lived, to the town of Conflans Sainte Honorine, where the events took place, without personally knowing Paty.

The first elements suggest that it had been reported, through messages posted on social networks, of the controversy that some parents of school students had generated after the teacher had shown the controversial cartoons in a class on freedom of expression of the prophet Muhammad.

Student revenge after being expelled from school?

In particular, the father of a student – who had been previously excluded for behavioral reasons – who posted an accusatory video and launched a campaign against the teacher, with which he claimed to intend for him to be punished.

The Minister of Education insisted that no sanction was ever contemplated, a thesis that derives “from the father who is at the origin of the murder.” On the contrary, the educational officials “offered their support from beginning to end” to Paty, who filed a defamation complaint.

National tribute to the murdered professor

Blanquer announced that, in the national tribute that this Wednesday will be paid to the professor of history at the Sorbonne University, He will be posthumously decorated with the Legion of Honor, the highest official distinction in France, and will be appointed Commander of the Academic Palms.

On November 2, at the return of the autumn school holidays, all schools in France will observe a minute of silence in memory of Paty and students who do not respect her will be sanctioned, to avoid repeating past behaviors for other jihadist attacks.

Government calls on networks to delete hate messages

In addition, the Ministry prepares an “educational sequence” in which teachers, but also lawyers or journalists will talk about secularism, freedom of expression or respect for teachers. Blanquer spoke of a “counteroffensive of the Republic.”

On the other hand, this morning the Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, receives the leaders in France of different social networks and platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat) to address the issue of the fight against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism.


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