Reportedly Increasing Internet Speed ​​in Indonesia, These Are the Numbers – Together with HootSuite, British media company We Are Social has again released a report internet speed in each country, incl Indonesia.

In the “Digital 2021” report published on February 11, it was revealed that internet speed in Indonesia had increased compared to conditions at the same time last year.

It is noted that the average download speed (download) for mobile devices (smartphones / tablets etc.) in Indonesia is 17.26 percent. Speed ​​figure download it increased by 24.8 percent compared to last year.

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Meanwhile for cable internet (fixed) connected to the home / office, the average speed is 23.32 Mbps (download). This figure, according to Hootsuite’s research, increased 16 percent compared to last year’s condition.

We Are Social Average download speed (download) on mobile devices in Indonesia

In terms of users, the total number of internet users in Indonesia in early 2021 has reached 202.6 million, with a penetration of up to 73.7 percent.

Of these, 195.3 million internet users in Indonesia access the internet using smartphones, while 2.5 percent still use feature phones.

In one day, it is reported that the average Indonesian (in the age range of 16 to 64 years) spends five hours and four minutes on mobile devices to access the internet.

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The applications most used by Android-based users in Indonesia, respectively, include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Overall, the number of mobile devices connected to the internet network in Indonesia has increased, the number is 345.3 million.

Uniquely, the number of these devices is higher than the total population of Indonesia, which reached 274.9 million people until January 2021, as compiled. KompasTekno from We Are Social, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

This means, one person can have more than one device connected to the internet.


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