Reporter assaulted with gun in hand while making liaison | VIDEO

Editorial Mediotiempo

/ 12.02.2021 17:32:11

Insecurity in Ecuador As in other countries in the world, it has been increasing and journalists while doing their work are not exempt from suffering it, since a reporter while making a link outside the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil, suffered a robbery with gun in hand.

Diego Ordinola of the chain Directv from Ecuador He was outside the building doing his work accompanied by a cameraman and from behind the assailant arrived to strip them of their phones and then escape.

What happened was reported in the social networks from Order it, who uploaded the video of the assault and where you see how he escapes later thief on a motorcycle.

Immediately colleagues from Order it showed their solidarity with the affected person, at the time of asking the Ecuador Police greater vigilance in the surroundings of the place.


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