Reporter explains her “laugh” in an interview with Thomas Müller

After the cup bankruptcy, Thomas Müller let his frustration out on ARD reporter Valeska Homburg. He criticized her supposed “laugh”. Now the sports journalist has commented on the situation.

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After the DFB Cup against Holstein Kiel, ARD reporter Valeska Homburg asked a visibly eaten Thomas Müller about the defeat of FC Bayern. But this was bothered by the supposedly good mood of the sports journalist. “What do you think? You are laughing here now!” Said Müller in response to Homburg’s question.

“It was full of adrenaline and so was I. That wasn’t laughing at, but a reflex to loosen up the mood,” the journalist explained to the “Bild” the day after the cup went off.

“We are fine with each other”

With her question, Homburg also wanted to elicit an answer from the former world champion apart from the usual phrases. “In his first answer, Thomas Müller had analyzed all the sporting details. It was an attempt to elicit something atmospheric from him: Whether Hansi Flick had already said something to classify in the dressing room. That is definitely better.”

The journalist apologized for her question to Müller. “No offense, Thomas Müller. We’re fine with each other. I think his reaction to yesterday’s interview is very nice.” The Bayern player’s minds also cooled a day later and he apologized on Instagram.


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