Representatives of the European NAIADES project praise public-private collaboration at La Marjal Park

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About thirty representatives of the 18 entities that make up the NAIADES project belonging to the European initiative Horizon 2020, a consortium of which the company Aguas de Alicante is part, have carried out this morning a technical visit to the La Marjal flood park located in San Juan .

As stated in the name of said consortium, the researcher of the Center for Research and Technology-Hellas (Greece), Giorgos Banias: “The Park we visit today is a clear example of the success resulting from public-private collaboration between the City Council and the company Aguas de Alicante, and which has resulted in a solution to the floods that the area was experiencing; This, together with its strong social character, make this infrastructure an example of urban innovation for many of our cities in Europe. ”

During their tour of La Marjal, they have been accompanied by Francisco Bartual, general director of Aguas de Alicante, and Manuel Villar, Councilor for the Environment of the City Council. Thus, they have been able to see first hand the example of sustainable urban innovation that this infrastructure opened in 2015 ”. According to Bartual: “Technological advances and investment in research and scientific innovation are essential to find permanent solutions to the environmental challenges we face; La Marjal Park is a clear example of this, fulfilling a triple hydraulic, social and environmental function ”.

Throughout the 14th and 15th days Alicante has hosted the plenary meeting of this project, a general work meeting in which its progress has been reviewed, as well as the evolution of the three pilot projects that it includes, with special focus on the which takes place in the city of Alicante.

To this several technical visits have been added, such as the one made this morning, in addition to others to facilities managed by Aguas and for which the city is considered as a reference in the urban water cycle, such as the “Control Center”, where They have been able to learn first-hand about the advanced network management developed by the company; the “José Manuel Obrero Anti-Pollution Deposit”, infrastructure located under the facilities of the Juan Antonio Samaranch sports center, which allows water flows of up to 60,000 cubic meters to be stored; or the “Rincon de León Wastewater Treatment Plant”, the city’s main WWTP.

The NAIADES project has as a general objective the development of tools in the cloud to manage water cycle data from IoT sensors and apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve the efficiency of the operation and maintenance of the networks.

Together with the cities of Carouge (Switzerland) and Brăila (Romania), Alicante has been selected as a pilot because of its high technical and service capacity, and thanks to this focus on European innovation in the application of the Internet of Things or IoT (data collection), Big Data (capture, store and process) and Artificial Intelligence or AI (data-based learning) in the world of water.

Essential measures
The pilot launched in the city focuses on three areas: the detection and identification of sewer infiltration to prevent salinization of wastewater, improving its subsequent treatment and reuse; demand prediction, integrating consumption, meteorological and social media data; and, finally, the promotion of efficient urban consumption through real-time information (in particular, municipal consumption).

Involved as the company is with the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Aguas de Alicante is committed to an innovation present in all areas of work, ranging from basic process research to the application of the most advanced solutions, thanks to Technological surveillance The company has worked in the last 5 years in 26 R & D & I projects, being the collaboration with other companies and organizations, such as universities, technology centers or administrations, both local and international, a key element for the achievement of global objectives .


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