Republicans broaden the horizon for their third debate

Education, disability, culture… It was not until the third debate that the five candidates for the nomination Les Républicains (LR) for the 2022 presidential election came out somewhat from the themes marked out on immigration and purchasing power which had vampirized their previous confrontations.

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Ten days from the congress that will nominate their candidate from the 1stis on December 4, Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand, Eric Ciotti, Philippe Juvin and Valérie Pécresse met, Sunday, November 21, on CNews and Europe1, one penultimate time, for a more lively debate than the first two.

Challenger of the competition, Philippe Juvin warned at the start of the program, while everyone could talk about the theme of their choice: “We have addressed fundamental issues of security and immigration, but that is not enough” car “If we only talk about that, we are going to miniaturize ourselves”.

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“An examination at the entrance of 6e », Suggests Valérie Pécresse

Choosing education, Valérie Pécresse assured that “The fight against dropping out of school will be the main cause of [son] five year term “ with “An entrance exam in 6e » and “The end of the single college”. “We must help the teachers” who “Are victims of no wave », she added, tackling “The dictatorship of a politically correct which is rewriting our history”.

For Xavier Bertrand “The school is a sanctuary”. And “When a child does not want to attend a course on the Holocaust, it is the parents who must be summoned” car “This can be a sign of radicalization”, he added, assuring that he “Will not be the president of repentance”.

“We need to review the school programs, one of the goals of the school is to make people love France”, assured Philippe Juvin, while Eric Ciotti defended his idea of ​​a “Ministry of national instruction” while the programs are according to him “Drifting towards wokism”.

“There is an issue of civilization” facing the“Ideology of wokism” who “Wants to destroy the foundation of our national cohesion”, added Michel Barnier.

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A courteous debate

Xavier Bertrand chose handicap for his carte blanche, promising “A great law” next to a “Great cause” dedicated to caregivers.

This debate, which remained courteous, brought out some known disagreements, on blood rights, the number of officials or the sending of the army to neighborhoods, for example. But as the congress approached, the outcome of which is very uncertain, everyone was also trying to stand out from the 150,000 members called to vote.

Michel Barnier praised his “Energy” with a veiled tackle to his neighbor Xavier Bertrand. “Energy is not agitation, (…), it is not speaking louder than others”, he said, before launching later on immigration: “Xavier Bertrand pretends not to understand! “

While Eric Ciotti, a defender of a very straight line, praised his ” freedom of thought “ on the “Subjects forbidden by the left”, Valérie Pécresse played the synthesis card: “I am trying to reach a consensus with my proposal” of migration quotas, she said. Xavier Bertrand supported him on his program of authority and social right by summarizing, on immigration that he wants to limit: “I want to go fast! “

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