RER A and B disrupted by a strike by drivers

A strike by drivers at the call of several unions disrupts the RER A and B lines of the RATP on Thursday, where “at least” half of the trains will nevertheless run, or even “two out of three” on the RER B at certain times, according to RATP.

The traffic is in line with forecasts, said the RATP with RER A side, “at least” half of the trains planned “all day”.

For the RER B, the authority has planned “two trains out of three” in circulation during peak hours “in the morning”, while “at least” half of the trains will run “in off-peak hours”. The interconnections are “assured”.

RATP’s CGT, Unsa, SUD and FO unions call on RER A and B drivers to strike to protest against “constant managerial pressure”, “financial non-recognition”, non-compliance with internal agreements and “growing insecurity” on the network, they announced Tuesday in a joint statement.

“In the midst of a health crisis, while employees are mobilized every day in the field, they have the impression of not being heard or respected”, explained these four unions.

In a leaflet, they stressed that RATP employees were “on the front line during the Covid crisis”. Regarding insecurity, they denounce a “multiplication of attacks by agents on the RER” and a “lack of management support for staff shocked by these acts”.

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