research found extract “Fabric Mushroom” has the effect of inhibiting hand-foot-mouth disease-causing virus.

“Mushrooms” or “Mushrooms” are mushrooms in the family. Diplosystaceae The young flowers are round. When the flowers are old, they will bloom like stars.

In addition, among the mushrooms found in the northern and northeastern regions Grilled mushrooms are very popular and expensive. which can be found naturally in hot and humid climates especially during the rainy season

in the past in Thailand by the genetic conservation project due to the royal initiative Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has encouraged the planting of rubber family trees (Yang Na) to maintain moisture. And the fertility of the soil or forest, where the mushroom can grow well in the roots of the rubber tree. and make the rubber plant grow well

According to folk wisdom, “Grilled Mushrooms” have a variety of properties, including: Helps maintain a healthy body Helps treat bruising in help prevent tuberculosis Help prevent and inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells as well. etc.

andFrom many studies, it was found that “grilled mushrooms” contain important substances. Polysaccharides Terpenes Steroids Phenolic Compounds and heterocyclic compounds that has anti-inflammatory properties Antioxidant boost immunity inhibit cancer and kill pathogenic viruses, tuberculosis, etc.

The “grilled mushrooms” that are found naturally in Thailand are both “Skin-grilled mushrooms”, which have a crunchy, fragrant, delicious taste, are popular for cooking and “Fabric Mushroom” which resembles “Mushroom with skin”, but has a bad taste and a smell that is not inviting to eat

but “Fabric Mushroom” with many unexpected medicinal properties Based on the discovery by medical professors, researchers from Mahidol University, experts in immunology and virology. It has been found to inhibit many pathogenic viruses, including hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes, etc.

Dr. Boonrat Tassanee Trithep Head of Research Center Excellence in Immunological Balance Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University has revealed the success of the discovery of important substances that inhibit the pathogenic virus from “Fabric Mushroom” that at the moment the academic document has been drafted to publish such innovations in international academic journals

and is in the process of applying for intellectual property registration in Thailand, operated by the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT), Mahidol University.

which had previously been “Patented” already in the People’s Republic of China Prepare to be developed as a pharmaceutical to prevent or reduce the severity of hand, foot and mouth disease for the first time in the world and is expected to have an economic value of several billion baht per year.

There are two large groups of viral pathogens in humans. is the “fat sheath encapsulated by virus particles” such as the herpes virus. influenza virus or HIV, and “fat sheath-free viral particles,” such as hand-foot-and-mouth disease pathogens which is found to spread every year especially in young children and has a tendency to increase every year

The most common symptoms include sores in the mouth, hands, feet, fever, and potentially serious complications to the brain. heart muscle or lungs, which can cause death in a short time

and when there is an outbreak of HFMD in child development centers or kindergarten may have to close the child development center or kindergarten To clean and disinfect for at least 1 week, which is a burden for parents to stop taking care of children in both infected cases. and not infected

due to the virus causing “Hand, foot and mouth disease” cannot be destroyed by alcohol like a virus that has a fat sheath encased in viral particles such as the influenza virus.

Therefore, the discovery of important substances that inhibit pathogenic viruses from “Fabric Mushroom” will be able to extend to the development of pharmaceutical products such as hand sanitizer oral gel or ointment for infected wounds which can be used to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus

In addition, previous studies have shown that hand, foot and mouth disease can be transmitted to teachers and parents without showing symptoms. What is worrisome is when “teacher” comes in contact with “infected young children” and then comes into contact with uninfected young students. may cause increased spread of infection

The researchers hope to be able to drive the creation and development of hand sanitizer products that have anti-viral activity against pathogenic viruses. “Fabric Mushroom”

If the hand wash gel that was invented to be used in child development centers or kindergarten It is expected to control the spread of HFMD.

So that schools will not have to close and children will have a good quality of life. This will help reduce concerns for parents in another way. It will also encourage farmers to turn to cultivating cotton-burning mushrooms to increase their income. and promote the Thai economy more as well

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