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2024-01-17 08:26:15

Wen Songnan, one of the male hosts of the TVB program “Abnormal Love Research Institute”, revealed earlier that he had developed a malignant tumor near the intervertebral disc near the disc bone. He has stopped working and is actively receiving treatment. He has been in and out of the hospital for follow-up examinations in the past few days. Revealing his current situation on IG, Wen Songnan shared in his latest limited-time update that he returned to the video studio to participate in the filming of the show.

Also shown on the show: The Voice of Middle Ages 2丨Liu Ke once exhausted his body and mind by running around singing, and his vocal cords competed to win friendships. Looking forward to singing old songs and singing new songs to perpetuate his legend.

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“Abnormal Love Research Institute” hosted by Wen Songnan, Huang Zien, Jin Yongheng, Hu Minzhi, Mak Huiqi, Chen Guolin, Wu Qiantong and others is expected to have come to an end. Huang Zien posted on the limited time update last night (16th) In a photo of people at a video studio, Huang Zi En wrote “Last Factory”. Wen Songnan, who was absent from many episodes, also appeared in the video studio. Wen Songnan, who was wearing a yellow top, work pants and a hat, took photos energetically, “I’m back in “Abnormal”!”

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Abnormal Love Research Institute│Wen Song, a man suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare disease, discovered the symptoms half a year ago and tried hard to fight the cancer without seeing the end point[Next page]

Abnormal Love Research Institute | Wen Song found a malignant tumor between his vertebrae and near the pelvis. He was in severe pain and his chemotherapy was completely suspended. Crowdfunding for medical expenses[next page]

In an interview with “Qingbao”, Wen Songnan said that because he knew that the show was about to come to an end, he wanted to return to the team to do the show with his partners. He said: “The last time the show started, I saw that I was in good spirits. I really want to film the ending. episode. After filming one episode, I felt very refreshed before filming more episodes. Moreover, the staff and other hosts took good care of me, knowing that I couldn’t bear to sit, so they gave me some cushions to sit on.” He said that every time he went to the hospital, he said After chemotherapy, your body will feel more tired for about one to two weeks. Fortunately, the chemotherapy is carried out after the filming.

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We have been hosting the show together for a while. After Huang Zien posted it, everyone immediately retweeted it and expressed their reluctance to part with it. Wen Songnan also made good use of the time to catch up with his partner, and even took a photo with Mak Waiki. After Mak Waiki posted the photo, she also wrote, “My favorite baby, stay healthy and have a good time soon.” Wen Songnan also retweeted it and wrote in reply, “Definitely!” adding a hot doll symbol to show his firm heart.

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Wen Songnan is undergoing treatment and has to face huge medical expenses. He publicly raised funds to ask for help from all walks of life. He also often reports his latest situation on IG. Because he cannot maintain a single posture for too long, he sometimes has to kneel in the car even when riding. In addition, we do Q&A from time to time to answer netizens’ questions.

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Some netizens recently asked Wen Songnan how he can still remain optimistic despite being in so much pain. When he answered his own question, he said that he would occasionally ask himself why he could face it so positively. He said that in fact, sometimes the reality is very difficult, and sometimes He may not be too optimistic about his future health, but he will encourage himself: “I still have a lot of things I want to do and a lot of things I want to learn, and I don’t want my life to stop at this moment. Sometimes I feel very hard, but I will always think about it one day.” “I passed.” He finally wrote: “But I have become so short-sighted that it is so easy to feel so easily.”

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