Research shows that “Propolis” (Propolis) from honeycomb has an anti-COVID-19 effect, preventing it from entering the body’s cells.

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Get to know “Propolis”, a valuable natural substance from honeycomb.

Propolis Valuable natural substances from beehives have been known for centuries. It has been regarded as a natural healing source for ancient civilizations in the treatment of various diseases. Since ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire It was used for mummification to prevent the body from decaying. and propolis was often used as a medicinal pickle, a sedative, and a wound-healing remedy for soldiers. Later, Roman women discovered the use of propolis in cosmetics and body treatments.

And at the beginning of the 20th century until after World War II, research has found that Propolis contains 180 different compounds and has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal effects. “Hippocrates, Father of Medicine” Use propolis to treat internal and external wounds. And studies in the Middle Ages also found that propolis was good for hearing decay. until the early modern era The Renaissance discovered that propolis was effective against inflammation, mouth ulcers, and similar ailments, and today propolis is used as an ingredient in Mount Spray soap. and dietary supplements, toothpaste, skin creams, and medicinal ingredients that reduce inflammation, irritation and rashes.

“Flavonoids” in “Propolis” are the best natural antibiotic substances. Has antiseptic effect – anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Kornkanok Tangjitman professor of biology Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University and academic advisor, Wellness Asia Co., Ltd. revealed that propolis (Propolis) is a natural substance obtained from the surface of the honeycomb. It looks like a thick, dark brown goo by bees collecting from different parts of plants such as resin from the bark. soft petals, leaves mixed with enzymes in bee saliva The bees use propolis to coat the hive to prevent cracking. Caulk of the nest Disinfect and prevent the spread of germs inside the hive.

Dr. Kornkanok further stated that According to research on propolis, it has been found that propolis has many benefits, rich in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And most importantly, propolis also contains flavonoids, which are the best natural antibiotic substances that have natural disinfectant properties. have anti-inflammatory effect anti-infection It helps relieve symptoms of respiratory infections, allergies, and strengthens the immune system. Helps to reduce acne inflammation and body rash
Help reduce the problem of pressure ulcers from diabetes. Helps relieve burns, scalds, helps heal plans, helps reduce infections in the mouth, intestines, and stomach. urinary bladder Medically, propolis is used as an ingredient in medicines to treat viral diseases. Used as an ingredient in medicines for treating ear, throat, nose, skin diseases, etc.

Brazil to use propolis along with regular drug in ward to treat COVID-19 patients

by Dr. Kornkanok provide more information that From the research study on propolis, it was found that there were research reports. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy June 2021 issue. revealed that there was a trial “Propolis” With oral propolis in the ward treating COVID-19 patients at SAO RAFAEL SA Hospital, Brazil, using oral propolis along with routine treatment on 124 COVID-19 patients. divided into 3 groups: group 1 consumed 400 mg propolis per day, group 2 took propolis 800 mg per day. and group 3 received normal treatment, with patients taking propolis in both groups having fewer days of hospitalization, 6-7 days, compared to those who did not take longer. 12 days of treatment, with COVID patients receiving treatment more than twice as fast. and reduce the incidence of acute renal failure by up to 80%

How does “Propolis” help stop the COVID-19 virus from entering the body’s cells?

Dr. Kornkanok It states that SARS-CoV-2 or Covid19 virus is a virus with a protruding spike and uses this button to bind to receptor proteins on the human cell membrane. This receptor protein is called ACE2, and when the virus binds to ACE2, it is like a virus that can open a door to the cell. But the virus can enter human cells. Another protein called TMPRSS2 is needed, which is a protein that makes it easier for the virus to enter cells. When the virus can enter the cells, it will infect the covid-19 disease.

A research report from the journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy revealed that some substances in propolis
It has the potential to disrupt the binding of virus to ACE2 on the cell membrane. In addition, propolis is able to inhibit the TMPRSS2 protein to carry foreign matter or viruses. into our cells.

When the COVID-19 virus can enter the cells of the body Viruses will increase in number. And when the new virus is already able to multiply many viruses within the cell. The virus destroys the infected cells and eventually dies. and move out of the infected cells And the infected and dead cells send signals to white blood cells. To warn the white blood cells that they are now attacking the germs and causing the cells to die. and white blood cells will release a substance called cytokine (Cytokine), which is a substance that can stimulate causing inflammation in the infected area and if the white blood cells release too many cytokines Those cytokines are then transported to the blood vessels. And spread to various organs throughout the body and send signals to stimulate inflammation in various organs. This inflammation can cause serious illnesses such as pulmonary fibrosis. thrombosis in the veins and organ failure leading to death.

In addition, research has reported that certain substances in propolis can inhibit white blood cells from releasing cytokines. come out too much Therefore, with fewer cytokines, COVID-19 patients tend to have less severe symptoms. reduce the risk of death

when the covid 19 virus into the body cells One thing that will happen is The virus activates the PAK1 enzyme in an active state. This will reduce the immune function, making the immune system unable to destroy viruses or foreign substances that enter the body. This will allow the virus to multiply. spread to destroy more cells make people infected with covid 19 There may be a more serious illness.

But in the study it was reported that propolis can inhibit the activity of the PAK1 enzyme, and when PAK1 is unable to function Will result in the immune system to return to work normally.

From this research, it can be concluded that the Covid-19 virus (Covid19) enters cells by binding to AEC2 and having TMPRSS2 as a helper. “Propolis” It can prevent the virus from binding to ACE2, and propolis also inactivates TMPRSS2 to help the virus enter cells. and inhibits the inflammatory process benefit of “Propolis” which is a natural substance that helps the immune system to work effectively In addition to having a healthy body There is still less chance of contracting covid 19 or if infected, the body can still fight with covid 19 and help reduce the symptoms of COVID-19, Dr. Kornkanok concluded

Wellness Asia expands propolis research and helps COVID-19 patients in the field

side Mr. Arunporn Anukoonpaiboon Managing Director, Wellness Asia Company Limited, a leader in nutrition therapy For sustainable good health for more than 20 years, revealed that a project to develop immune-boosting products from propolis extract and extracts from Kaempferia and other herbs It has been in collaboration with the research team at the Laboratory of Cell-Based Assays and Innovations (CBAI) under Suranaree University of Technology. To test the effectiveness of product samples in reducing the likelihood and risk of COVID-19 virus entering human cells. and the anti-inflammatory ability of the product samples in human endothelial cells. in the laboratory Based on laboratory testing, the product samples showed the ability to reduce the expression of the ACE2 gene and the ACE2 protein content, which may have the ability to reduce the risk or chance of Covid-19 virus into the human body cells significantly

This is a good opportunity for the company to develop health products that are a blend of herbs and natural substances that are supported by research such as propolis. Kaempferia extract and other herbs in the form of softgels and mount sprays to strengthen the army to build immunity against COVID-19 and to set up a program to help those who are infected and risk groups by bringing such products to help patients in the field At Paitoon Paper Box Factory, Samut Sakhon Province Mr. Arunporn concluded

More details can be found in the video clip of the propolis study and follow-up in the field of COVID-19 support at the attached link.

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