researchers have developed a new treatment therapy

2023-09-23 14:03:14

Cancers: towards new therapies

Researchers at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have just developed a new treatment therapy for certain cancers.

In a study published in the journal Nature Chemistry, the team develops the results of the development of a new category of activated photo-oxidants which can effectively kill cancer cells.

« Photo-oxidants induce a unique form of cancer cell death which can overcome the resistance of these cells. The results offer a new strategy, called “photo-oxidation therapy”, and open a promising avenue for the development of anti-cancer drugs,” specifies the press release published following the study.

Cancers: effective photo-oxidants to eliminate them

To achieve their results, the researchers administered photo-oxidants, by intravenous injection, to a population of mice suffering from tumors. Four hours later, they applied near-infrared radiation to the mice to activate photo-oxidants to attack the cancer cells.

A notable reduction in tumor volume and weight of 89% and 76%, respectively, was noted..

“Intriguingly, we discovered that the ‘mode of death’ of cancer cells induced by photo-oxidants differs from that of any other anticancer agent. A unique mode of destruction of cancer cells was initiated thanks to the dual effect strong intracellular oxidative stress and reduced intracellular pH value,” said Professor Zhu Guangyu from the Department of Chemistry at CityU.

Cancers: reducing the risks

Genetic predispositions or age are factors favoring the appearance of cancers. However, it is unfortunately not possible to take action on these.

More it is possible to reduce the risk of getting cancer by adopting healthy lifestyle habits as Health Insurance states:

  • do not smoke or stop smoking;
  • moderate your alcohol consumption;
  • adopt a diversified and balanced diet;
  • monitor your weight;
  • practice regular physical activity;
  • do not expose yourself to the sun to avoid ultraviolet (UV) rays.
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