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Researchers warn of an Ebola-like virus, of which there have so far been few isolated cases. Human-to-human transmission is possible.

While we are in the middle of the corona pandemic, there are also other viruses that could pose a threat to us. Researchers warn that a new virus that first broke out in Bolivia could be transmitted from person to person.

These first outbreaks of the Ebola-like virus occurred before the corona crisis. It led to a viral illness. Several people have already died from it. Another five are said to have contracted the “Chapare virus”. Among them are some nursing staff. The symptoms of the new disease include internal bleeding, fever and extensive organ damage.

Hardly any records so far

The virus first appeared near the Chapare River in 2003, from which it is named. The data of a 22-year-old patient at the time showed how the disease initially proved to be harmless, but the young infected person died within two weeks. Symptoms such as headache and fever occurred first, followed by internal bleeding – signs that are often associated with Ebola. The blood count, however, showed a completely new virus that had not yet been documented. The pathogen belongs to the arenavirus family. These usually infect rodents.

In the case of the Ebola-like chapare virus, however, human-to-human transmission could take place, which researchers warn against. Three nurses had become infected without contact with rodents, two of them fatally. In addition, the pathogen can be detected in the sperm of a survivor 160 days after infection, such as Gizmodo reported.

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