Residences Dar Saada: Decline in half-year turnover

The Residences Dar Saada Group achieved a turnover of 325 million DH in the first half of 2021, against 473 million DH a year earlier. This decrease is explained by a slippage in the reception of units already completed during the first half of 2021, explains the Group, noting that 905 goods completed during the first half were not received until July. These units will be delivered during the second half of the year, the company also said.

Apart from the units received and new construction starts in 2021, the number of units in the process of being completed stands at 3,400 units, specifies RDS, which remains optimistic about the level of its activity over the year.

In total, the number of units pre-sold during the first semester reached 1,332 units against 870 units during the same period of fiscal 2020, an increase of 53%. The secure turnover thus increases from 1.2 billion DH at the end of 2020 to approximately 1.3 billion DH at the end of June 2021.

Regarding debt, it fell by 6% to 2.58 billion DH, 1.73 billion DH being bank debt.


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