Resident Evil 4 Remake will feature an expanded storyline and expanded zones, according to the latest rumors

Known insider within the industry, Dusk Golem, has shared some details regarding Resident Evil 4 Remake, in regards to its possible expanded history and more.

Last April we told you how Resident Evil 4 Remake was already a reality, since a leak pointed out that Capcom gave the green light to the project. However, and although the game will not arrive in a near date, it seems that some details are coming to light little by little.

Some of these details come from the hand of the insider de Resident Evil known as Dusk Golem, who has dropped some details of the game. According to him, Resident Evil 4 Remake will have a expanded history and expanded zonesat the same time that it will also have various areas of different levels.

Dusk Golem He also dropped something related to Dr. Salvador and his appearance in the game, so there may be some kind of expanded story in the game. As we have said, Resident Evil 4 Remake It will take a little longer before we can get hold of it.

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Dusk Golem has stated that Resident Evil 4 Remake leaked too early, further affirming that, according to his prediction, the game won’t come until 2022 and even 2023. According to these comments, you can already guess that the game will be designed for next generation of consoles with Xbox Series X and PS5.

He Resident Evil 4 Remake project have the blessing of Shinji MikamiBut you will only participate in it if there are good ideas involved. Although, despite all this, the game would take much longer to develop than it seems and would change the original control system for a more modern one.

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Despite this, I do not think we will see it in the near future, because Capcom is fully focused right now in Resident Evil 8 Village. Nonetheless, many of the things that Dusk Golem has been saying They have been successful, so we will be waiting for official announcements.

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