Resident Evil 4 VR Mercenaries Will Arrive For Free In 2022

It is through our colleagues from PC Gamer that we learn that the mode “The Mercenaries” of Resident Evil 4 will arrive on Oculus Meta Quest 2 in 2022. A priori, the trailer below was published by the official channel of Oculus before being made private, but the smart guys from Biohazard Delassified managed to retrieve it to repost it on theirs. This is very good news, because Resident Evil 4 VR is a clear success, and arguably one of the best VR games on the headset from Mark Zuckerberg’s firm. If this DLC is developed like the main game, that is to say by being a faithful port of the original, we should have access to a very arcade style of play. In slightly revamped main story maps and with several different characters, the goal would be to kill as many enemies as possible within the time limit, with the possibility of recovering time or score bonuses. What a pleasant prolongation of the experience, of which the shoot was clearly one of the strong points.

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