Resident Evil 8: Update on rumors – News

Yesterday, many rumors dating from a few days are resorties about the possible Resident Evil 8, evoking various gameplay features, characters, or even a first-person view. A day later, things seem to clear up a little.

Everything started from a tweet from a counted called AsetheticGamer1, which indicated having obtained un certain information concerning the title. Resumes by YouTube channel Residence of Evil and the site Biohazard Cast, they indicate that Resident Evil 8:

  • Would re-stage the character of Ethan (Resident Evil VII)
  • Would be playable in the first person again
  • Have new zombies and Werewolves
  • Would add a new type of Stalker
  • Would mark Chris Redfield’s return in one way or another

As rumors, this information was then supported by Eurogamer, which indicates having obtained the same kind of news from another source, close to Capcom. However, Asethetic Gamer spoke again yesterday evening, to indicate that, according to his information, these features would correspond to a first version of the game, whose development has since been rebooted.

Thus, nothing indicates that the title a priori under development retains these functionalities. In any case, you will have to be very patient, since Capcom has absolutely nothing formalized regarding what is considered to be Resident Evil 8.

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