Resident Evil 8 Village dates its first gameplay with a special event about the horror game

Capcom has announced an event to show a new trailer, the first gameplay and more news of the saga

2021 was a promising year and it’s off to a strong start in terms of announcements. Now, we finally know when we will have news about one of the most anticipated games of the yearespecially for horror fans. The official Resident Evil account has revealed when we will finally see the first gameplay of Resident Evil 8 Village, the new installment of one of the survival horror sagas par excellence.

They promise it will be the most exciting RE to dateYou can now put the date in red on the calendar. Next January 21 at 11:00 p.m. (peninsular time) we will be able to attend a “guided tour” of Resident Evil 8, in which a new trailer will be shown, gameplay sequences for the first time and they also promise more news about the saga, although they do not detail what it is about.

So far, we have seen several videos about the new installment of Resident Evil, but never a gameplay to use, beyond some scenes that were leaked from a American television commercial. The game promises 4K graphics and exploiting ray tracing technology.

A survival horror in the first person

Ethan Winters, protagonist of the seventh installment, will once again be the one we control in this adventure, which will once again use the first-person perspective to convey more terror, aided by the RE Engine graphics engine. Perhaps the event will also reveal the release date of RE8 Village, which is scheduled for 2021.

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