“Resounding success”: when the French health pass is hailed abroad

The health pass still crystallizes all the tensions in France, as the demonstrations on Saturday showed again, for the seventh consecutive weekend, even if the mobilization is down. This tool is presented by the executive as a way to encourage vaccination, to allow the vaccinated to lead an almost normal life, and to “secure” the places where it is compulsory. And as an alternative to a new confinement.

As a reminder, the health pass certifies a complete vaccination schedule, a negative test dating back less than 72 hours or proof of illness in the last six months. For his opponents, this is a useless, liberticidal measure. Despite criticism, the measure is today welcomed by some countries, as noted International mail.

“Resounding success”

This success created surprise seen from abroad. “Macron’s reputation as an arrogant know-it-all was on full display on July 12, when he appeared on TV and told people to get vaccinated, or face the consequences,” writes Fortune. But a month and a half later, the newspaper made this observation: “most French people seem to have concluded that the hard approach is a resounding success.”

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Fortune welcomes this measure, adopted in France and other European countries, which has “led to a marked increase in vaccination, pushing the European Union further than the United States”. Indeed, according to the Our World in Data site, 64% of the population in the EU is first vaccinated, against 61% in the United States (and more than 70% in France). The newspaper notes that the gap is widening.

Evolution de la vaccination

Evolution of vaccination

Our World in Data

The same opinion is shared by the weekly New Statesman. “The strategy has paid off by increasing vaccination rates: since the announcement, around 11 million additional people, or one-fifth of the population, have been bitten,” the newspaper wrote on Thursday. With a title that speaks for itself: “Why Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination passport program worked”.

“The strategy is working”

“If the health pass was a failure that had led to unrest that threatened to tear society apart, it would not be imitated by France’s neighbors. Yet that is exactly what is happening,” said New Statesman. And indeed, it is clear that the health pass is gaining ground in Europe. “The opposition was ultimately unimportant in France: the policy is in place and encourages people to be vaccinated before the fall. Support for them is increasing,” the newspaper continued.

According to the German newspaper The world, this tool made it possible to “break the fourth wave” of the Covid-19 epidemic. “The strategy works”, and the newspaper makes this analysis: “In France, it sometimes suffices a demonstration of presidential authority to redress the bar.”

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The Minister of Health Olivier Véran assured this week that “the last reluctance is falling in the face of the success of the health pass”. It could be extended beyond November 15, the limit set by law, “if the covid does not disappear from our lives,” the minister warned. From Monday, it will be imposed on employees of places where customers are requested.



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